Notice · 31 Jul , 2021 · Kaye Drury

Bath Cycling Club Awards 2021

We have been working on the awards the Club makes each year with a view to making them more relevant to all members.  The result is 33 awards for racing activities and 16 awards for non racing activities.  You can see the detail on the BCC Annual Awards 2021

The numbers in the green boxes refer to the Trophy allocations 2021 that will be awarded for each event.

While respecting the racing heritage of the Club this is a great step forwards as it allows everyone in the club to join in without having to enter events.  Although we will making awards to the winners the real fun is seeing how you do against your friends that you ride with week in and week out.

If you haven’t tried them yet you can find the segment for the Club Climb here:

And the Club Sprint here:

Later in the year we will be asking members about how many miles they have ridden and feet they have climbed so we can pull a league table together (unfortunately we can’t get a league table for these off strava).

So while the sun is shining, the roads are warm and the air is thin get out there and have a go!

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