Race Ride · 1 Feb , 2021 · David Stoyle

Bath CC Wall of Inspiration

Normally at this time of year we can meet up on a ride, over a coffee or a beer and have a chance to chat about our plans and goals.  I always find this a fun part of the year an really inspirational to hear what everyone is planning to do, and I am sure adjust my plans and goals to match.  This year we can’t meet up so I thought that I would try and do it virtually, a major Zoom meeting would not work, so I thought that I would create a wall of inspiration.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed and pinned their colours to the mast.  All welcome to contribute whether your goal is to get out on the 25 mile social ride more often or win yet another national champions jersey – please please send me your photo and goals – would be great to have every member of the club on the wall.

Peter Wilson

Me and Janet joined in 81 after moving from Liverpool. I have been Treasurer and President and promoted many TTs for the Club. My proudest achievement for the Club was researching club records and compiling the Record Book followed by the electronic version. There is a VTTA West Memorial Trophy for Janet in recognition of 14 years as their Secretary. Janet won 4 National VTTA BARs and held many National age records. I earned 5 straight BAR Certificates, best place 96th and finished 9th in the National 24. I also have a 100 mile VTTA Champion jersey. I am now really pleased to see how well the Club is doing both as an organisation and for individual performances. My target is to pin a number on and beat evens. If you pass a guy in the old Bath shirt offer him a back wheel.

Photo – Pete in Mallorca wearing Janet’s shirt


Janet Wilson wearing the Bath CC “Once” Shirt – this was the Bath CC Club kit from the early 1990s until 2009.

Nigel Sherwen

I joined Bath CC back in 1980 and since then I have joined club runs and eventually was a group leader, with one or two incidents of getting the group lost in the pre-Garmin era!  I also rode time trials, some sportives and enjoyed about six annual club trips to Mallorca, but no racing.  Last April I had a successful operation for suspected lung cancer, but actually it turned out to be lymphoma.  My wife bought me a turbo for my pre operation and recovery.  Paul Dale encouraged me to join Zwift and this has been really enjoyable and helpful in keeping me reasonably fit, particularly in lockdown times.  I have even completed several races, in category D of course!  My wife also uses the turbo as much as me and we managed a holiday in Alicante Province in the autumn where we had great cycling and walking. I do hope to get out on the real road again in April and hopefully another Spanish trip in the autumn if possible.

Aileen Brown – Committee Member

Racing is history for me. My idea of a perfect day out is a sociable ride with club-mates, coming home with tired legs & a good appetite. It’s so much easier to push yourself through the hard bits whether that be burning legs or a block headwind when you’re riding with mates. Normally my goal would be one of the week-long continental ‘Raids’ which average 100 miles & 3000m climbing each day but I’m not banking on a continental holiday being an option any time soon so I’ll settle for club rides, camaraderie, coffee & café.

Andre Mouton

I grew up in a cycling-obsessed home and did my first race when I was 7. 28 years later and the obsession is as bad as ever. My best performances include a 5th place in the U9 South African national road race championships and I once did a week-long UCI stage race (but was mocked by the race announcer over the loudspeaker for finishing so far behind in the first stage). Unfortunately, I have the physiological make-up of an 86 year old woman so I’m well past my prime and these sorts of performances are now only a thing of my dreams. My more recent achievements include a broken femur, 4 pelvic fractures, a crushed vertebra and many uncomfortable hours in the saddle. I’ve temporarily retired from racing but have my eye on a return in 2025, when I can join the masters ranks. My main goals for 2021 are to complain less, listen to my body more and to take time off when I’m injured. On second thoughts, I’ll probably just ride through it.

Andy Hicks – Chairman

I am hoping that COVID restrictions will be lifted enough to make British Masters Cycle Racing events possible at some point in 2021. If events can take place, I will target races within driving distance of Bath, to avoid overnight stays, that include my age group category “H” (75-79). If that is not possible, I will try to do some evening 10 mile Time Trials and a 25 mile TT.

In any case, I hope to participate in Bath CC Sunday & Mid-Week Club Runs

My “Palmares”:

  • Percy Stallard National Road Race Series Champion 2010 in age group
  • BMCR (formerly LVRC) National Road Race Champion 2013 and 2015 in age group
  • Southern Counties Road Race Series Champion in age group (points awarded over 7 races) in 2006, 2011 & 2015
  • 40 individual Road Race wins in age group since 2005
  • National BMCR (LVRC) Time Trial Champion in age group in 2013 and 2020
  • Fastest “10” 22.14 in 2011, Fastest “25” 59.28 in 2015 (finally getting “under the hour” after a 1 hour 1 minute 1 second time at age 16)
  • Winner of “Redmon Gentleman’s 2-Up” with Colin Parkinson in 2015 (narrowly beaten by Michael Hutchinson & partner in 2014)
  • Winner “On Standard” of Southern Counties Cyclists Union “25” 2016

James Dobbin


I enjoyed reading all the posts on the Bath CC wall, so was inspired to write mine. I don’t have a recent photo of me on bike, so this one in a canoe is the next best thing.

I’ve found that the Covid crisis has made me appreciate cycling even more and the amazing countryside that surrounds us. Instead of the majority of my cycling being commuting to Bristol on the cycle track, its been wonderful evening rides on roads that are much quieter than usual. My favourite evening ride goes from where I live in Fairfield Park, out to the south via Lyncombe Hill, Entry Hill, Midford, Norton St Philip, Wingfield, Bradford on Avon, Turleigh, Winsley, Bradford, Sally in the Wood road to Bathford and then home, a 25 mile loop.

In the winter I’ve found myself going out biking quite late in the evenings and after a day working at home its so nice to get outside. I remember a ride one eve last November lockdown, I went out about 10pm (zero traffic!) and it was a bright moon and a starry sky. I was biking up the hill towards Turleigh from Bradford on Avon at what must have been about 11pm, I stopped at the top and there was a tawny own hooting in the tree next to me, the valley looked amazing in the moonlight and I thought to myself how cool it was to be out on bike.

I don’t have any amazing ambitions for 2021, but I very much hope to get out with Bath CC for some Sunday rides and nice cafes! I hope to get my Hollies Lane hill time down from 5:39 (the hill up to Charmy Down from Northend). I’d like to get my Bradford on Avon ride time down from 1:18.

Chris Deane – Communications Officer

Into my 5th year of addiction to cycling. As well as loving Bath CC Saturday and Sunday rides, I’ve dabbled in cyclocross and gravel. I have been an ‘avid’ Zwifter since 2017, clocking up almost 55,000km indoors to date. Now I’m longing for some IRL challenges, having already had to cancel 4 overseas trips since COVID struck. The image here is of Jon Corp and me in The Peak District last July when we should have been in the Cevennes and up Ventoux. My long-term goal is to return to the UCI Gran Fondo worlds now I have gone up an age group (60+). It looks like Italy 2022 will have to be the target now. Other than that I’ll ride my bike for any reason as long as keep enjoying it.

Chris Truman

I’ve always cycled, but only became a cyclist 10 years ago, after I turned 40. My goal initially was to get fit, then this progressed to get faster and have some fun along the way. I love the fact there are so many opportunities to get technical with equipment and training – I can change set-up on my TT bike, I can fuse technology with training on indoor platforms like Zwift, I can analyse a whole load of data and I can devise training plans to combat my many weaknesses. I get far too nervous before any kind of race (including the Saturday pacelines!) and 2020 was going to be the year I addressed this by doing more of them! I also fancied a go at cyclocross, and at some point before I get too old I’d like to do a road race. When the world returns to normal I’d like to get round the paceline route with the ultra talented fast boys by optimising my wheel sucking skills!

Claire Phillips

Right now my priority is to remain fit and to enjoy cycling as a release after/ during a stressful week without looking too hard at statistics.
However I do want to keep up with valued cycling friends at BCC when allowed.
For now I’m ticking along with a combination of rides outside plus trainer road and Zwift indoors ( even been racing- who would have guessed!)
Looking to the future I’m hoping to join in with others – 100 milers and weekends away ; short trips away with Peter and the tent and my new gravel bike and I’d love to dream about a group trip to Mallorca in October (??). Then maybe a Europe touring trip next year .. possibly join the Stoyle’s in SA 2022 when our youngest child will have left home..? Lots to keep fit for !



Dan Miles

 ..my plans will be to cycle up the Hardknott Pass and Great Dun Fell in the Lake District, (not sure international objectives will be any good for a while), going in the summer. Also to ride a total of 25000km in 2021, that’s Zwift km and actual km combined.





Dan Soltys

After a couple of years joining the darkside and racing Triathlons, I’m motivated to focus all my efforts on cycling this year. I’ve been based in Bath since I started uni here in 2014, but have only started riding seriously with Bath CC in the last 18 months or so.
This year I have been selected onto the Royal Navy road team so my major goal for the season is the inter-services road race in September (where I will be on domestique duty!). Personally, though, my goal is to upgrade to Cat 2 this year. In the short term, I’m finding motivation through e-racing in the Zwift Racing League and I am looking forward to the upcoming inter-services e-racing champs in March. Can’t wait for a good smash-fest on the Saturday paceline when the covid rules allow us to again!



Darren Gardner

I started my cycling journey in Zimbabwe when the rugby injuries started to take their toll. I immediately fell in love with the sport and especially racing my bike. I had a long break when I moved to the UK I could not imagine going out in the weather 😂 but eventually I bought a bike and started to ride again and my love for cycling grew stronger. I still try to race as much as I can more for the taking part and helping the team than winning (probably because I don’t have the legs) this year I had an opportunity to sign up to do an organised ride of 8 stages of the Tour de France https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/DarrenJHGardner something I have always wanted to do and hopefully raise some money for a good cause! It has already been pushed back until September but I am training for it as there are some big days in the saddle. To keep me motivated at the moment I am enjoying our club racing and riding together as a BathCC team on zwift and as often as I can try to get out into the fresh air and beauty of the Spanish countryside and be thankful for being able to ride and enjoy all 12 of my bikes….. yes 12 of them with one more on order 😂😂



David Oliver – Club Captain

I have two cycling ambitions for 2021 and beyond.

Firstly, I would like BCC to be a broad church providing a wide range of opportunities for all types of riders from young to old, from social to racing and from short to long rides in a wide range of locations.  I have a number of thoughts to build on what we do already.  They include longer rides from Bath on a Sunday, away days on a Sunday where we drive 30 miles or so to a start point to give access to new roads, long weekends to UK destinations and week long trips to some of the fantastic locations around Europe.  Obviously all of this is dependent on COVID restrictions.

My second ambition is entirely personal.  I do not want to ride every day as I have a lot of non cycling interests and ambitions but I do want to do the things above and I want to be fit enough to ride with the people that I want to ride with and be able to talk to them at the same time!



David Stoyle – Vice Chairman

I would love to be able to repeat photos like this – so want to focus on my form and fitness to be competitive in masters racing.  So as soon as possible I am hoping to compete in BC and BMCR Road Races, if that is not possible I shall enter a few TTs.

I am also going to make enough time to go on some long bike packing and touring trips, would love to say when or where but that is going to have to wait a month or two.   I have a goal to hit 350w for 20 min FTP test, came up 10 w short last year.  Get out riding on the paceline and break the 1 hr 50minute barrier.

But number one goal is to ride IRL with you lot.

Emily Griffiths

Like many, 2020 put a spanner in to all of my plans from races, to socials to time riding abroad.

Little did I know in lockdown 1, that lockdown 2&3 were going to be much more interesting on a riding front. I was inspired by the Bath CC Royals and their stupendous eracing performances. Dominating the women’s league, showing strength and grit week in, week out, I was keen to see how I could be involved. They welcomed me in to the team with open arms and after just two races, I was hooked.

With many uncertainties still ahead, my goals for the first half of 2021 are to focus on working hard and enjoy the process to improve as a novice cyclist. I will be using Zwift racing to develop my fitness and strength but also my ability to sprint. I’ll be trying to learn the tactics of eracing, so I don’t stop moving when pedalling downhill. I hope to find confidence in my ability to reach my top end power and commit to finishing races strong. I am hoping that all of the above will allow me to keep IRL so that when we are allowed to, I can meet more of the Bath CC community.

If normality returns this year, my season will hopefully include my first 500km Audax, 25m TT, 50m TT and Ironman Wales

Gary Sheppard

I used to be an athlete, racing since the age of 8 I was able to build success to ultimately medal at a National level; but the high mileage mantra in the eighties led to 4 knee ops and eventually to the end of my running days. After a number of years of enforced retirement, my wife encouraged me to join Bath CC, probably to get me out of the house! Initially I started with the weekly club run, exploring new parts of our local countryside and villages, and as my fitness grew I would supplement this with the odd ride mid-week. Then came the introduction of the Saturday Paceline – with this came speed, fitness, competitivity and ultimately a common wish to test ourselves in a real race situation. Since that day in early 2012 I have been racing, sometimes 3 times a week – generally where I can against people my own age, where I have more chance to play a part in influencing the outcome. Immediately I realised how much I love to race, in fact I prefer racing to training but also I found the big difference from running, in that cycling is actually a team sport. The pandemic has given the longest break to racing and so my hope is that very soon we will all be back doing what we love the most, and for me it is to go to races with team mates, discussing and executing tactical plans for the race and to ride as a team doing our very best. The thought of those sunny days to come has kept my motivation up, and I am sure if the vaccination program keeps pace so much of our normal life is just around the corner.




Guy Evans

I am a newbie to the Club joining recently to help push my cycling on. I have enjoyed thrashing round the Zwift races with Bath CC Lansdown and hope to join some IRL group rides as lockdown lifts. I’ll be aiming to join some ‘pacelines’ and long rides with the Club and looking for some cycling specific challenges to push me through the Spring and Summer. Admittedly my cycling goals are closely related to improving my triathlon performances with a view to log a sub 4hr 50m Ironman bike split as part of a sub 9 hr Ironman time and race again this year at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.

Emma Evans

I still consider myself as a fairly new club member and am yet to meet many of the members ‘IRL!’ However, despite Covid and lock downs I have had a wonderfully warm welcome from everyone at Bath CC, even though I am one ‘those’ triathletes! I was lucky enough to join a few IRL rides just before lock down hit and have gone on to really enjoy Zwift racing with the Royals. I never thought I’d be an avid Zwifter but the online racing has been a lockdown highlight for me, providing my first taste of TTT and a weekly reminder of what suffering really feels like! In terms of goals, becoming an ‘uber biker’ is always the aim, although perhaps not terribly quantifiable! So, this year I’m hoping to build my strength to comfortably keep up on the fast Sunday rides (rather than bringing up the rear!) and nudge a little closer to ‘A’ rider status on Zwift. The carrot has been dangled for the Saturday paceline too – something I’d like to try this year – all with one eye on a podium spot at my next Ironman Triathlon and maybe even Kona one day…

Hilary Oliver – Kit Officer

I was at my fittest, since moving to Bath, in 2018 the year we moved – no responsibilities rented house and no dog! My goals for 2021 are: to post decent times (for me) on the Club’s Strava segments hill climb and sprint; to enter the Club’s hill climb, if held; and to be fit enough to ride with the Ladies group which includes the Ladies Captain including a long distance ride over 3 days and a 100 miler or so. To be fit I need to ride 3 times a week, a “paceline” and 2 other rides of at least 100kms along with running twice a week and weights. Unfortunately, I don’t always achieve this. Another goal, though now 2022, is to ride the “Chase the Sun” (330kms Isle of Sheppey to Burnham on Sea). To be ready I will need to go on the Winter Sun camp in February and to keep up the distance cycling over the following months until midsummer. Can’t wait to get back to group cycling again……..Covid and injuries permitting!

James Plumstead

I’m hoping to do the South Downs Way Double this summer. Will need to start riding big miles again when the weather starts to improve + could probs do with a new mountain bike for the job. Other than that looking forward to getting out of Bath to so done more road / mountain biking further afield with mates (Wales, Exmoor etc) and can’t wait to get out riding with the club again. Fingers crossed things return to normal soon!

John Witty – President


My inspiration for two wheels stems from admiration of the Badgers exploits in the TdF during my childhood, when media coverage was a mere shadow of it’s current level. Cemented in ’82, when ‘camped out’ in a prime position to witness him win the sprint on the Elysees, as well as the overall, to a rapturous Parisian crowd. All this seeded a deep routed craving for the high mountains.
So goals for 2021(22) are clearly to get back to some heady heights, whether tarmac’ed {or even ‘gravelled’}, before age and ailments temper those childhood dreams. In the meantime, I’ve ‘discovered’ Zwift, which is so ideal for training in a winter lockdown, especially with the Beast for the East showing its face. I’ve always hated turbo’s with a passion, but find I’m now developing a worrying addiction. So if you’re tempted to ride virtually, do..even those with a FTP as feeble as mine!
But ultimately I’m looking forward to the bliss of cresting an HC col, again, with some sense of style!

Joe Lund

Growing up in the hills of Mid Wales, I became an avid road cyclist at the age of 16. Starting racing at 22, best results included 3rd at Hillingdon and 19th in the Regional Race Championships in Clitheroe. Having made my come back in 2019, I primarily targeted crit races and the hill climb season. Now, I’m thoroughly hooked in the hill climb scene!
2020, as for everyone was a right- off! However, Zwift racing reeled me in and I raced regularly in A events. The Bath Lansdown TTT events were the highlight though and we had real team spirit!

I look forward to competing in 2021 in whatever capacity we can!

Jon Corp

Joined Bath CC in 2012 following having major kidney surgery and realising that my best 🏃‍♂️ days were behind me. It’s been a fun journey and the club is a great foil for developing my love of cycling whilst meeting plenty of other like minded folk. Like most of you, I thoroughly enjoy extending myself whether it’s a Sunday fast group or a paceline workout.

Despite covid, 2020 still turned out well; plenty of sunshine, local solo riding and later trips to Yorkshire Peak District, Mid Wales and Exmoor. BCC group rides worked out really well and it was refreshing to ride with new faces each week.

Plans for me are to keep building and perhaps do some masters racing should the opportunity arise. Hoping to do more cycle trips and would be great to do some team events along the lines of the Wales Velothon…long and hilly. Perhaps I’ll blow off the cobwebs of my unused TT bike ??


Jon Hunt

I’ve never done races until we were all locked under house arrest and found Zwift. Now I participate and do very badly. I have two goals: 1) try to not get dropped at the start of most races and 2) a virtual Everest to get that shiny Tron bike everyone nails me with.

Julia Adamson – Ladies Captain

Hopefully before Summer we will get to a place where we can ride in some sort of groups again, and the weather will be kind to us. With this in mind my first goal is to turn around my current pattern of riding which is 3 or 4 times a week on the turbo and once on the road to 3 or 4 times a week on the road and once to not at all on the turbo!

Thinking positively about the Summer I hope I can help to promote a number of activities for the ladies’ section of the club. Some of our old favourites like the 100-mile rides, the Rapha 100, Majorca in October and maybe some new ideas?

On a personal level I hope to get cycle touring over the Summer at least around Britain and develop a more positive attitude to hills!

Julian Broad

I’ll be 58 in July. I started racing as a schoolboy for Bath CC in 1976. I last raced in 1993 then, started riding Audax events up to 2000. My longest ride being a 400k in Wales. I started riding again regularly in Jan 2018. I’ve been living abroad for the last 20 years and I’m currently back in Bath due to Covid19. I can’t see myself racing again as I have a heart condition. However, I do like a bash from time to time. I did the paceline route by myself last November and averaged 31.5kmph. This year, I’d like to get my weight down, improve my paceline time and enjoy some longer rides with the Tuesday and Wednesday groups.

Kai Rüsch

I just moved to the UK a few months ago and joined the club right before the January lockdown, so unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to ride with many of you, though I have started recognizing a lot of names on Strava. I started riding a lot last summer (as I’m sure many did), and have continued here as it’s given a good opportunity to get to know the beautiful countryside around Bath.

The area I’m from is relatively flat, so it’s been a fun, though painful time getting used to all the climbs Somerset has to offer. I’m excited for when travel becomes easier so I can tackle some of the even harder climbs of the UK.

My goals this year are to ride consistently throughout, get experience with group riding (hopefully soon), complete at least a half Everesting and to compete in my first race.

Kim Barfoot-Brace

Here’s a summary of my 2021…

The first part of the year I’m focusing on short distance TTs which is completely out of my comfort zone! I’ve got my eye on Gillian’s records but we’ll have to see if Wales opens up (it didn’t last year) as that’s where the fastest short courses are.

Having just turned 40 I’m now a member of the VTTA and have my sights set on a new national veterans record for 12hr TT in August (I just need to do 274 miles, one more than last year!). I’d like to go for the national title too, but that event is a bit close to another goal (see below!). Hopefully I’ll pick up some 50m and 100m TT PBs/new club records in the run up.

In September I’m representing GBR in my age group at the ITU Long Distance World Championship in Almere. This year it’s unusually a full ironman distance, with a greater proportion of cycling and running to what it typically has…which definitely plays to my strengths. 6 weeks later I’m doing Ironman Portugal, postponed from last year it’s not ideal racing so soon so I’ve got no expectations other than having a special family holiday (my little sister Sophie is doing her first half Ironman the next day).

…all of the above is based on staying healthy and injury free, which is the number one priority 🙂

A real blessing to arise from the carnage of 2020 is the new friendships formed from the Royal Zwift ladies racing team. It’s felt so good to welcome new women to the club, and watch them grow in strength and confidence. We all support and inspire each other equally, and I’m really looking forward to spending more time with them in both the virtual and real world.

Lucie Parsons

I’m still pretty new to cycling having started to ride a couple of years ago, so I guess my main goal for the year is to keep building confidence, particularly riding in groups, and just to continue enjoying getting out on my bike. I’ve only been living in Bath a year or so, so there’s plenty more to explore!

I feel really lucky to have started racing with the Bath CC Royals last year – aside from the fun and challenge of the racing, it’s been great to meet like-minded ladies and get out for rides with them in real life when restrictions have allowed. They’ve also inspired me to take up running again so maybe a shot at a triathlon is also in the pipeline!

I’ve particularly enjoyed pushing myself over longer distance rides and would love to tick off a 300k this year – but hopefully not leaving it as late as my 2020 goal of 200k which I finished on a very chilly New Years Eve! Finally I’m hoping that all being well we can get abroad later in the year, with a plan to cycle tour across to the Alps, possibly to catch the TdF stage up to Tignes.

Luke Belton

I started cycling in 2016 after giving up swimming – and definitely don’t miss the long hours staring at a pool floor when I’m out on the bike! I’ve been hooked on cycling since day one and enjoy the exploring element (and improving the Strava heatmap!) as much as I do pushing myself further and harder. I’ve done a couple of crits and some cross racing, as well as the Zwift racing leagues since joining Bath CC last Autumn – hopefully there might be some more racing in the future although I don’t have any plans at the moment! I’ve done some riding in the Alps/Pyrenees and would love to get back to the mountains this year – possibly as part of a cycle touring trip

Maddi Aldam

Before Covid-19, I was a keen swimmer training for around 12 hours per week. With the closure of pools, I knew I’d have to find something else to keep me fit and occupied, and turned to cycling. I soon realised the physical and emotional benefits of getting out (or staying in!) on the bike, and it has certainly been a sort of refuge during this time of isolation!

At the moment, I do 5-6 bike sessions a week, and have enjoyed a bit of cross training as I get back into running.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve learnt to use cleats (with the occasional topple), survive a 3-hour bike ride (with the occasional flapjack break…) and ride a paceline (with the occasional wrong turn!)

This year, I look forward to entering my first time trials, maybe some races too, but most of all, I look forward to training hard and getting fitter and faster!

Malcolm Treby

I’ve enjoyed spending much of the winter Zwift racing, particularly the events we’ve entered as a team which have brought a real sense of competition. Once we’re into some warmer weather I hope to take those improvements to the paceline and into some racing. In particular I’d like to compete in some duathlons in the summer (I’ve come to cycling from an athletics background) but also find out more about the real world racing scene in general, of which I know little.

I enjoyed finding some new places on the Sunday club rides last summer and hope to be able to continue that too.I’ve enjoyed spending much of the winter Zwift racing, particularly the events we’ve entered as a team which have brought a real sense of competition. Once we’re into some warmer weather I hope to take those improvements to the paceline and into some racing. In particular I’d like to compete in some duathlons in the summer (I’ve come to cycling from an athletics background) but also find out more about the real world racing scene in general, of which I know little.
I enjoyed finding some new places on the Sunday club rides last summer and hope to be able to continue that too.

Luke Buxton

In 2015 I joined the club with a view to getting fitter following a heart attack. And, 26,000 miles later, it seems I may have got the bug.


For me the club is about enjoying riding my bike with friends. So no great stretch goals for 2021 – I would just love to get back to club rides and be quick enough to ride with the usual suspects. The lockdown has seen some excess ‘quaffing and gorging’ and the inevitable consequences, despite turbo sessions suffering The Sufferfest. One measurable goal then…. I’d like to see 80kg again by the summer!


Martin Aldam

What with one think and another I didn’t race at all in 2020. Very disappointing, not least for me as I was going to make the most of being the ‘youngest’ in my new age category!!! I just hope that skin suit I bought back in 2019 (and never worn) is still going to fit!!

Spurred on by not wanting to get beat by my daughter Maddi, and to justify the endless hours on the turbo this winter, my 2021 racing aims are twofold:

Participate in the TCC monthly segment competition. A great way to push yourself once a month to the limit and afterwards realising, that usually, Mr Pears is still faster!…..but not always!! https://www.strava.com/clubs/TCCSegment
Time Trialling at Castle Combe – 23 event series on the motor circuit, 10 mile TT starting Wednesday 31st March. The aim will be to do one a month.

Paul Dale

For me, Bath CC provides the opportunity to meet people from so many walks of life and to make lasting friendships, all while doing something we love. My goal for 2021 is to be able to be in pictures like this (Majorca) to enjoy that companionship more closely again.

Martin Langley – Mountain Goat and Avid Zwift Racer

No goals as such for me beyond trying to stay fit in the hope that when restrictions ease I can tear up and down some mountains again.

Martin Croxford

My first goal is to ride with others again – really looking forward to a Bath CC Sunday club run, and Audax group riding again.

With the London-Edinburgh-London Audax being postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic, my main goal of the year (lockdown restrictions permitting) will be to complete the Audax Ultra Randonneur award: ten Super Randonneur series of 200, 300, 400 and 600km events in ten different years (I have nine so far).  I discovered the fun and challenge of Fixed Wheel riding during the first lockdown, completing a Super Randonneur series on Fixed in August/September 2020 when restrictions eased.  So my plan is to ride Fixed to achieve the Ultra, with a stretch target of riding the Coast to Coast 600 in Ireland as the final event (if it is on, of course).

The photo is taken at John O’Groats – I’m so pleased I rode LEJOG in 2019 instead of waiting until 2020 (my original plan).  One thing I’ve learned during the pandemic is to make the most of health, motivation and fitness to ride today, don’t wait for tomorrow.

Odette Colyer

I have been a commuter cyclist for many years, but 2 years ago I became really passionate about cycling when, recently after my father passed away, I decided to take on cycling challenge to raise funds for the Alzheimers Research UK. With the significant support of friends, a merry band of cyclists I dubbed the ‘Bath Buns of Steel’, we raised over £7,000 and made it to the top of the national fundraising leaderboard at the time.

Cycling has given me so many opportunities to learn, grow and meet inspiring people. Last year, @KimmyGoGo gave me the opportunity to take part in Zwift races with the Royals. It has been nothing short of a white knuckle learning curve from a technical, tactical and physical point of view and definitely the best distraction from everything else that has been going on. Triathletes, record holders, national and world championship athletes, these ladies are incredibly strong and I have felt so lucky to be have the chance to ride with them.

As for goals this year, I’m a very new member of Bath CC so I’m mostly looking to meeting and riding with other members IRL. I’m keen to train hard and progress enough to try the club’s pace line, and I’m also looking forward to taking on my first races. I completed a 500km challenge last year and I’d like to do that again too. Finally, while travel feels like a bit of a luxury right now, I am also hoping I can persuade some the Royals to go on tour with me for a training camp some time!


Matt Brooke

For this season I’m planning to get back into racing after having a few difficult years off the bike. Planning to focus on TTs and maybe the odd crit race. Don’t think I will set PBs this year but hoping to improve throughout the year

Matthew Turner

My goals are pretty simple this year. I want to spend time getting more air on the mountain bike honing the off road skills. I also want to keep having fun with my youngest at the bmx track, run at least one 10km each week and hopefully squeeze in a couple of bikepacking adventures.

Also when we are finally allowed I can’t wait to ride with the good people of Bath CC, I’ve really missed it.

Matthew Smith

Michael Taylor – Off Road Captain

My cycling plans for 2021 started in Oct 2020 with a move out to Austria to work from home and ride big hills. But it got (very) cold and I stopped riding outdoors and started Zwifting (just like everyone else in Bath). I just moved back to the Highlands in Scotland, for the next couple of months, while I’m still working from home. Amazingly, it is much warmer here so I’m looking forward to riding outside again.
I plan on making the most of the opportunities available. To that end, I’ve been converting a van into a COVID-holiday-cancellation-proof cycling van, and I am planning on taking time out to do mega-rides with lots of climbing in France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain this year.
I’ve bought a gravel bike, just like everyone else in Bath, and I am planning to get back to my XC MTB roots with it with some big rides in the UK and abroad. Tentatively, I’ve been thinking about doing the Hope 1000 route across Switzerland one week this summer. Next winter, I plan on getting back into CX racing (if possible!).

This is a photo of me in Austria in November, when it was only about minus 1 degree:

Paul Allen

I had gone in to 2020 with a plan to have a good stab at road racing having got my 3rd cat in 2019 in the melee at Odd Down… but you know the rest! Apart from a savage introduction at Bristol South RR in March, all the racing ended up taking place on zwift and it was actually pretty awesome! It was great getting to know so many more people from the BCC community and the club rides and races have become a highlight on the weekly schedule.

So 2021: In the short term I’m hitting ZRL league which has been a revelation and such a good way to connect and race with my club-mates. If racing IRL goes ahead in 2021 I will certainly do a couple of road races and would also like to tackle some Odd Down crits again (I love those hairpins). I just hope I can still ride a bike in a straight line outside…

Paul Hamnett

I have loved getting into the Zwift racing during the lattter part of 2020 particularly the motivation it provides in a garage ! I miss the European mountains most of all, the suffering and grandeur never fails to create incredible memories. I hope to tick off a few more in ‘21

Peter Phillips

I guess my goals are just ticking over at the moment, using TrainerRoad like I have for the past few years, as that gives a good progressive training plan, but building up more slowly than usual as there are no immediate racing goals. It would be good to get in some vets races later in the year, but I’m also looking at the non-competitive side of things, like touring. I try to get in a reasonable road ride each week, an off road CX ride and one of my indoor sessions on rollers rather than the turbo.

Rich Jacques – Technology Officer

On a personal level, I’m looking to stay fit and healthy in 2021 – maybe even shed a few of those lock-in pounds that crept on while I wasn’t looking.  I’ve made cycling a cornerstone of my physical and mental health routine, so whether it’s inside on zwift or outside on the roads, I look forward to the opportunity to get some miles in.  I’m certainly looking forward to the return of club rides.

When Chris Deane suggested that I give Zwift racing a try, I had no idea that it’d grab me the way it has.  I’m certainly a big fan of the Team Time Trials and the Local Interclub perspective on the competition – really gives me the motivation to push that extra bit harder on the trainer.  So the Greater Glory of BathCC Norfolk has to be a 2021 goal!

In my role as Technology Officer, I’m keen to ensure that as a club we have the tools to stay connected in this difficult time.  Enabling initiatives like this is a great example of using tech to bring us together.

Rob Hill

An ex-rugby player and spending 5 years living in the Alps winter skiing, and cycling through the summer months I’ve been settled in Bath for the last 4 years. I had a go at Ironman 70.3 in 2017 and enjoyed the cycling so much I haven’t looked back. I joined the club in September 2020 looking to push my riding on with the aim to have a go at some road racing in 2021 and have loved it. I’m signed up to the Fred Whitton Challenge for this year and without the racing, this could be a target if it goes ahead. Until then, I’ve been really enjoying the zwift racing. I moved up to the A cat recently which has been a big leap so hoping for plenty of improvement to come this year! Joining the club and racing together through lockdown has definitely kept the motivation high – look forward to more outside riding/racing to come!

Rob Moore

“I’m a poor man’s domestique when it comes to cycling – neither a sprinter or climber but have a reasonable engine! In normal times I can be found in the Fast Paceline Group on a Saturday morning or, if off the bike, entertaining my two young kids, eating pizza in Franca Manca or on family walks in the Somerset/Wiltshire countryside – living the dream!

Last year before Covid hit, my cycling goals were to start getting into racing and move up to Cat 3; also to pull together a team for Redbull Timelaps. I’m hoping to resurrect both goals this year but if we continue to follow the same pattern as last, then I will make do with aiming for either a sub 1h55 Paceline ride in a group or sub 2h solo. I might also have a go at the club Strava segments and get my hands on a glass with my name on it!”

Rob Pears

I grew up on the edge of the North York Moors and cut my cycling teeth on fantastic (& steep!) cycling terrain. I joined Bath CC in around 1987 at the recommendation of Jonathon Schofield. My first race was a 10 mile Time Trial in 1989 where I recorded 25:22. Since then I’ve raced every year notching up nearly a thousand time trials, approximately half of which I’ve won. I’ve also ridden well as over a hundred road races plus getting on for a hundred Triathlons. I have the club records for 10, 15, 25, 50, & 100 miles. The 100 record is 3:32:58 which is also a National Age-related Record. I’ve won VTTA National Championships six times and numerous RTTC National Age group Championships. I was also 10th in the RTTC National 10 mile TT Championship in 2011, the year that Bradley Wiggins won it. In the last 3 years I’ve turned my hand more to Road Racing and have enjoyed that enormously. In this time I’ve won numerous Road Races and have won the LVRC National Road Race, the LVRC National Criterium twice, the LVRC National TT Championship twice, including Covid year, & am still the current British Cycling National Masters Road Race Champion and the British Cycling National Masters Criterium Champion.

I plan to keep racing for as long as I am able. This year I’m not expecting there to be much of a road racing season but hopefully will be able to race in a few Time Trials

Sam Duffy

Training has been going really well, I changed my strategy this year to incorporate more Z2 and not 4/5 Z5 rides in a week 😅 I’m doing better power than I’ve seen at this time of year before, and matched my PB 20 min all time power just a few weeks ago. My goals for this season are probably going to be hill climbs, I’ve only ever competed in one, in BOA, and hope to take on Andrew Feathers KOMs in Bath in training before the season begins toward the back end of this year. I would say anything that comes in between now and then in terms of racing will be a bonus! I just really look forward to riding outdoors more and with others. As good as zwift is for bridging the gap, it will never replace that feeling of tarmac beneath your wheel, and the wind beneath your wings.

Sam Smith – TT Captain

 I’ve been a member of Bath CC since 2014 after taking up cycling as a change from competitive running. After soon getting hooked on criteriums and dabbling in road races I moved my training focus onto time trialling, initially this was to help improve sustainable power but I realised that TTs have a great appeal themselves.
They’re friendly, unintimidating, offer plenty of bike/position tinkering and usually a plethora of cakes at the finish (pre-covid anyway).

This year I’m focusing on improving my short distance times for 10 and 25 miles as well as entering some the West District Hardriders series. I enjoy these distances and the training is easier to fit in around other commitments. Although after a few beers I’ll probably convince myself another 100 miler is a good idea, just like last year…

The structured training has been a great distraction in the crazy year of 2020/21 and it helps keep motivated though the dark winter months.

I also enjoy cyclocross racing, of which my performance is more average, but at least I don’t have to do hurdles or remount a TT bike!

If I’m not on my bike, I’ll be out walking my labradoodle called Kevin.

Sevim Sandwell

I like to achieve 100miles ride by the summer. I like to take part in charity ride which is events industry related, helping creative freelance people who has not had income almost a year.
The most I have cycled so far is 40miles. 😬🥵
Also I like to take part in London Prudential Ride. Aiming for London Classics medal!
I am also looking forward going out with Friday rides more. So enjoyable, I love it every time we get together.
My aim in the future to go even longer rides, LEJOG, London to Paris. Not sure what else there is
Hope you are well.

Stuart Gold

I’ve been a member of Bath CC for around 8 years.

I was a swimmer, then a triathlete before I realised, the part I enjoyed the most, was the cycling.

I work at the RUH, so this year has been busier and harder that anything I have ever experienced before.

Zwift racing really has been an essential part of maintaining my physical and mental wellbeing throughout the last year.

My goals are pretty tame, I would like to get a bit more competitive in the B category racing (I am an occasional member of the Belgrave team and would like to get round in the paceline group IRL, when that is allowed.

I am really looking forward to my favourite club ride to Tintern in the summer and meeting up with some of the people who I have been racing with on Zwift.

Simon Thomas

You can safely say I am the lantern rouge of the pace line, I don’t really care though, for me it’s about trying to get faster and improve my skills. I am not particularly good at cycling but I love it, it’s all about getting out there what ever the weather and living in the moment. Hoping to do some timetrials this year….

George Taylor

I’m new to Bath CC – I live near Cirencester but work in Bath – I’m 2nd claim with Performance Cycles and Gannet CC (life long member!). I’ve been riding since 1986 after being inspired by TDF on World of Sport!  I have done quite a bit of road racing – managed a 5th place in the West Midlands Junior Divisional Champs back in the day.  I have done quite a bit of cross and have completed the 3 peaks cyclo-cross 4 times. I also enjoy the track, riding at Wolverhampton, Reading and Newport.  More recently I’ve been doing quite a bit of Audax – haven’t gone further than 400km yet – but have been doing a round the year randonneur (a 200km ride every month for 12 months!) until it was interrupted by lockdown. I had hoped to get back into RR in the vets league last year but 2020 didn’t quite go to plan. Goals for the next 12 months or so are:  complete a round the year randonneur and do some road racing and see how that goes after a few years off!



Simon Williams

For me, 2020 was about getting back to fitness, after juggling the past few years of busy life with two young children. Lockdown has helped a lot.  I started on Zwift and haven’t looked back. The fitness and social aspect of this has been fantastic and has brought another dimension to the club, as well as some good power gains!  I’ve been a member of Bath CC for over 10 years. It’s amazing to see the breadth and depth of the club grow during this period of time, despite my fitness varying dramatically throughout! My best Bath CC memories so far have been the Velothon Wales or Ride London Team rides, where let’s be honest Bath CC dominated the top few places. These events were ridden at full gas on closed roads, with the pinnacle being riding down the Embankment and The Mall on the Bath CC train. That said, it’s still hard to beat a disciplined dry club run to Cheddar or Tetbury with a little bit of chop.  My goal for 2020 or 2021 had been LEJOG 1400, a ride that would have pushed me to the physical and emotional limits – c300Km a day. This will be my first attempt at a long distance endurance event and eating competition.  Aside from this, I want to keep my gains coming and ensure that I am able to ride consistently at the standard that I know I can.


Steve R

I joined Bath CC three years ago, shortly after moving to Bath. Both new to cycling and a giant human, I’m far too unstable on a bike to race (imagine the carnage!). Instead, I tend to build my season around a couple of big sportives in the UK and Europe.

This year, I’m planning to ride the Fred Whitton, which, like so many other events, was cancelled last year due to COVID-19. I’m also plotting some mini-adventures on two wheels to do if we’re still facing restrictions on organised sport in a few months’ time, including the King Alfred’s Way, a sparkly new 350km off-road bikepacking loop that passes pretty close to Bath

Stuart Curtis

X Pro Elite multisport athlete – Olympic and long distance Triathlon. Highlights – raced the world and Olympic champions in international races – 3rd in Abudahbi Tri , 1st Windsor Tri, Manchester commonwealth games trials , National team Club relay Champion. All a long time ago driven by a passion for racing and competition. Currently i enjoy keeping fit and have a new toy to play – Zwift on line racing🤘😁. i am looking forward to Group club rides this spring and possibly do a sportive to substitute the Fred Whitton Challenge ride which was postponed 2020. Would be great to do a Bath CC team challenge . Look forward to meeting you all again on the road – stay safe

Tim Hill

 I’m a newish member of Bath CC, joining during lockdown one in May 2020. My uncle (Andrew Cessford) is a member and had been encouraging me for quite some time to come out on a group ride and give the club a go. I’ve been a competitive triathlete for about 10 years and for much of that time have trained solo on the bike. After the first round of restrictions were eased I joined the club on a few of the Sunday group rides and really enjoyed them. It was great getting to ride with other people and being made to feel so welcome. The coffee and cake stops were an absolute bonus too. My main goal for this year is to be become a stronger rider. I did get the chance to ride a couple of the Saturday pacelines last year which offered a fantastic workout and really tested me. I’ve just invested in a smart trainer and joined fellow club members racing in season two of the ZRL so the opportunities to push myself are coming thick and fast!

Tom Williams

So far my winter training has been going great and I’m feeling very strong and motivated to start the season. For 2021 my sights are set on road racing. I would like to get some experience under my belt and then target the junior national races. I am also keen to race in Europe whenever possible. Once the road racing season is over my eyes will be set on defending my Junior national hill climb title at Winnats pass on October 31st. Along side this i want to race some cyclocross towards the end of the year.

Victoria Randall

What to do with 2021 following 2020?!

2020 held great plans. A trip to New Zealand for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships! It would be fantastic to go back to New Zealand, but they will not have me and the race has been moved to Utah for 2021. It remains to be seen whether America will have us come September, and that would require me learning to swim again . . . (even if we are allowed to fly there).

My job will keep me busy. Last year’s workload has slid into this year and is likely to fetter grand plans.

And so . . . sense dictates that this year should be the year of “local” happenings. Turns out that leaves a lot to look forward to. I moved to Bath from London in December 2019, but it has been tricky to see much of this great corner of the country. I’ve invested in a gravel bike for off-road and bike packing adventures. I am planning expeditions to the Forest of Dean, King Alfred’s way, Land’s End on the GB Duro routes, and Salisbury plains. I have my fingers crossed for the Cotswold Cross at the end of March – most likely my first “event” of 2021.

Other local plans include Tour of Wessex, the Castle Combe TT series, and the Zwift Racing leagues with Bath CC Royals. I’m also hoping to get a campervan to make the most of South West staycations.

I’ve upgraded my Canyon Aeroad to take on Fred Whitton in May – eek!  I’ll also have to find some time for running . . . and cider making.

I look forward to seeing you all out on the road or trail and kicking my butt around the paceline. In the meantime, ride on, virtually.

Here’s hoping n+1 does not apply to lockdowns.

PS. Above all, I want another engraved Bath CC tumbler . . .

Will Duffy

I started training and racing in 2019 gaining my second cat licence and was planning for a full season racing last year. So now just still hoping to get a full road race season in what ever that is going to be in the future.
Also hoping to do some more hill climbs towards the end of the year if there is not much racing this year.

Llewelyn Jones

I’m a relatively new member to Bath CC having been with the club for just over a year. Goals for this coming year are quite simple, as I now have more time during the day. I would like to continue to keep enjoying my cycling as I have done so since the days of competing as a juvenile/junior well over 45 years ago – so it’s fair to say that I’m not expecting any jumps in licence categories, or more PBs unless of course I choose to enter a 24hr TT, which to be honest just isn’t going to happen! On a more serious tone, one of my cycling goals for the year would be to improve my fitness and performance at the club’s Saturday paceline workouts once of course we’re permitted to do so again. And if at all possible, I would with the lifting of Covid restrictions, like to compete in a road race again, probably at one of the British Masters Cycle Racing events.

Brent Rees

We moved to Bath in late 2019, but I only started riding with the club late last summer due to a combination of winter and lockdown. I’ve only managed a handful of group rides in that time, all of which have been excellent, even the humbling experiences of adjusting to the much steeper gradients around our new home. Before moving I spent a few years riding with a club in Oxford, usually doing long weekend rides rather than racing, but did manage a 9-up TTT around Silverstone which was great fun. The summer months would be all about the Tuesday night chaingang where my target each time would be to get dropped closer and closer to the end of the course. I’m glad to say that the last few times I did make it to the end with the front runners (well, within in sight of anyway!). So my targets for this year are not dissimilar in nature – I would love to make it round the paceline loop without blowing up over Kelston, and also in less than 2 hours would be nice. I’m going to have to remind myself what riding outdoors looks like first though. It’s also looking increasingly likely that I will invest in a gravel bike in the next 12 months, so any recommendations welcomed!

Hopefully you found something to give you some extra inspiration.  If your own story is missing, don’t hesitate to drop a line to David Stoyle.


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