Ride · 1 Dec , 2020 · Rich Jacques

Good News – Club Rides Return

Email with full details and sign-up links has gone out to the all members list.  If you haven’t received it, drop an email to David Oliver.

As we move out of lockdown 2 and into tiers we can restart rides in groups of 6. Please check the forecast (dry and cold at the moment), sign up by 18:00hrs on Friday.  Note also that we are now on the winter start time for Sunday rides, 9:00am.

We will follow the same procedure that we used before and which most of you are familiar with.  The only new issue is that North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucs are all in tier 3 while we are in tier 2.  While we can ride through tier 3 areas we can’t stop so I have adjusted the routes to avoid tier 3 areas as much as possible. If you don’t know where the boundaries are I have attached 3 planning maps that show where they are. Under the rules, if you live in a tier 3 area you can’t ride.

In addition to the weekend rides the ladies have some of their own.  They are out in force this Friday 4th and again on Friday 11th – I gather that socially distanced mince pies come into the plan somewhere – I just hope the distancing applies to the people and not the fruit filling! Then back to the normal 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month in January.  If you want to find out more please contact our bright and shiny new Ladies Captain, Julia Adamson.

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