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‘Local’ Rides on ZWIFT, Social and Race

Following on from the success of the First Inter Club Zwift race on Wednesday. We are proposing to promote 4 events a week for local riders to attend. Saturday and Sunday Social Group rides and Monday and Wednesday Races. This will hopefully allow a bit of banter with friends either using the Zwift Companion App, a dedicated discord channel or WhatsApp groups.
The two weekend rides are far more social, just start at a pace you want to hold. After a few km join a group, then ride the rest of the ride with this group – you don’t have to chase the group in front for a good time and good workout. Hopefully, you will see a few friendly local riders to draft along with. Both are 100km rides – you will be amazed that it is possible to be on a turbo for 2 ½ hrs but feel welcome to join for the start and step off at any time.

Saturday 9:15 ZHR Audax 100km (Ride) https://www.zwift.com/events/view/369218

Sunday 9:00 UKZwifters 100km Sportive https://www.zwift.com/events/view/370851

The race nights will be harder rides but Zwift racing is very inclusive with 4 categories based on FTP/kg – so always someone of the same ability to race against. Felix Young will create series standings for the two race nights similar to his Odd Down racing. There will be separate male and female leaderboards, and a club competition too.

Monday 7:20 7:20PM GMT TFC & WTRL Mad Monday London Series https://www.zwift.com/events/view/372673

Wednesday 7:15 3R Tick Tock Flat Race – 2 Lap (36km/22.4mi 100m)

In order to be part of the Inter Club series you must create a club on Zwift Power – if you don’t have a club then Felix has created a British Cycling South Region Club that you can join in order to be part of the series standings. PM Felix Young

Choose a team kit and put your club name in brackets after your name and it all contributes to the social element for Zwift riding.

Remember – No License Required, No Race Fees, No Field size limits, No travel Required, 4 Categories based on w/kg.

Rather than try and post in every local clubs facebook page, which takes a lot of time, we will be using the British Cycling South Region facebook page for event updates, race reports and series points. Please like the page https://www.facebook.com/groups/637784002971311/

We may vary the rides after the first couple of weeks, but keep a bit of consistency first – please make suggestions on how we can improve the idea.

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