Notice Ride · 2 Jul , 2021 · Rich Jacques

New Sign-up Process

As a result of the COVID restrictions, we’ve had to take more control of our sign-up process. Thanks to contributions to a number of tech savvy club members, we’ve developed a system that allows us to record sign-ups, with fairly minimal overheads.

Step 1: Fill out the sign-up form.

Step 2: Check the group sheet to see who you are riding with, grab your route files

Step 3: Turn up and have a nice ride!

Fill out the SIGN-UP FORM

It’s always the same link to the sign-up form, so you can add to your bookmarks if you choose. You will also find these links on the pages for Saturday and Sunday Rides for future reference.  You can sign-up from TUESDAY onwards each week.

You may have to WAIT 5 MINUTES before your name appears on the group sheets. You cannot edit these forms, you must fill out the form to add yourself and let someone know if you can’t make it (or made a mistake). The Saturday groups sheet shows both the Paceline and Saturday Social rides.

Check the SATURDAY groups/routes

Check the SUNDAY groups/routes

Most of us use Whatsapp group chats to help keep in touch – very handy if your bike falls apart in the morning or you accidentally sign-up for the wrong ride… You should get the details when you join, let us know if you need an invite. We have ways to help members that don’t have smartphones.


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