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Zwift World Racing League – Series 2 Round 1

Series 2 of the WTRL Zwift Racing League started last night.  This is a worldwide team competition for 1800 teams of 6 riders.  The teams are split into 5 time zones, 4 female and 4 male categories and then finally into leagues to ensure that there are approximately 15 teams and 90 riders in each race. There are 102 BC South region teams and Bath CC has 6.

It is a team event and team results will be out once WTRL have done their magic.  Results can be found at https://www.wtrl.racing/zrl/ZRL-results.php

In the meantime I have created the individual results for 453 BC South riders who completed the course without any technical issues.   The results are not directly comparable as the different races unfold in different ways – but it does let you see how you compared to other riders in your category and to other categories.

Individual Results Series 2 Round 1

Womens A Catgeory

There were two teams in the A Category.  Bristol Flyers racing in the A1 league and Bath CC Royals in the A2 league.  Ali Cameron of the Bristol Flyers was fastest on the night, just taking it from Jennie Hudson, but the Bath CC Royals racing in the lower league were only  5 seconds slower.  Top 5 Women were

Ali Cameron Bristol Flyers Bristol RC 47:03
Jenny Hudson Bristol Flyers Bristol RC 47:04
Lucie Parsons Bath CC Royal BathCC 47:08
Bairbre Doyle Bath CC Royal BathCC 47:09
Suze Anderson Bristol Flyers Bristol RC 47:18

Womens B Category

Bristol RC dominated the womens B Category with Heather Price winning the W1B2 league as well as being the fastest BC South Women

Heather Price Bristol Swifts Bristol RC 49:57 3.5 w/kg 218 w
Kim Anscombe Bristol Swifts Bristol RC 49:58 3.6 w/kg 248 w
Josie Harcourt Bristol Swifts Bristol RC 50:41 3.4 w/kg 238 w
Sunny Parker Navy Cycling Women Royal Navy & Royal Marines CA 50:54 3.2 w/kg 216 w
Alison Housley Njinga CC Ladies B Njinga Cycling 50:54 3.7 w/kg 234 w

Womens C Cat

Kate Medicott was the fastets C Cat women and also winner of the W1C2 league.

W1C2 Kate Medlicott SASPDQ PDQ Cycle Coaching Team 54:05 3.0 w/kg 184 w
W1C2 Fiona Inskip Njinga CC Ladies C Njinga Cycling 54:46 3.0 w/kg 214 w
W1C3 Philly Gaisford Bath CC Cavendish BathCC 55:23 2.9 w/kg 206 w
W1C2 Jenni Tomblin Njinga CC Ladies C Njinga Cycling 55:27 2.9 w/kg 178 w
W1C2 Verity Horner Sotonia CC WC Sotonia 55:27 3.0 w/kg 161 w


Mens A Cat

Team Tor2000 Zwifting experience showed and they dominated the standings.  Bath CC’s Nic Mckibin was the best place Bath rider

Postion Cat Pos In League League Name Team Club Time w/kg w
1 A 3 W1A1 Ben Millar Tor2K Kalas Team Tor 2000 | Kalas 41:08 4.7 w/kg 316 w
2 A 4 W1A1 Charlie Revell Tor2K Kalas Team Tor 2000 | Kalas 41:08 4.6 w/kg 350 w
3 A 11 W1A1 Charlie Beake Tor2K Kalas Team Tor 2000 | Kalas 41:09 5.3 w/kg 325 w
4 A 17 W1A1 Brett Fabian-Smith Bikestrong-KTM Bikestrong-KTM 41:10 4.8 w/kg 419 w
5 A 16 W1A1 Josh Gray Tor2K Kalas Team Tor 2000 | Kalas 41:10 4.6 w/kg 283 w
6 A 23 W1A1 Oscar Hutchings Tor2K Kalas Team Tor 2000 | Kalas 41:12 4.8 w/kg 318 w
7 A 6 E2A1 Nick McKibin Bath CC Lansdown BathCC 41:33 5.0 w/kg 337 w


Mens B Category


Postion Cat Pos In League League Name Team Club Time w/kg w
1 B 3 W2B1 Dan K Mag7 Team Mag7 44:27 3.8 w/kg 304 w
2 B 27 E2B1 David Stoyle Bath CC Camden BathCC 45:08 3.7 w/kg 300 w
3 B 42 E2B1 Sam Smith Bath CC Camden BathCC 45:17 4.2 w/kg 367 w
4 B 4 W2B2 Greg Hughes Sherston Velo Zwifters Sherston Velo Zwifters 45:24 4.0 w/kg 314 w
5 B 15 W2B2 Steve Bombroff Sherston Velo Zwifters Sherston Velo Zwifters 45:26 3.7 w/kg 274 w


Mens C Catgeory

Postion Cat Pos In League League Name Team Club Time w/kg w
1 C 4 E2C1 Johnny Heppner PDQ-C PDQ Cycle Coaching Team 49:30 3.1 w/kg 267 w
2 C 7 E2C1 Brian Stokes RMACC 45CDO RMA Cycling Club 49:31 3.2 w/kg 235 w
3 C 13 E2C1 Matthew Roach PCC Portishead Cycling Club 49:32 3.2 w/kg 278 w

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