It has been Pride month around the world in June, and it’s Pride Day in Bristol on July the 9th.  We would like to encourage riders on club rides on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of July to show a bit of colour, to celebrate and show our support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Bath Cycling Club encourages and supports equality, diversity and inclusivity within our membership and in the broader cycling community. Our committee is working towards the club being increasingly inclusive, and want the club to be a place where all members feel they can be themselves.  We welcome all riders experienced or novice to join us and have fun on a bike. Read our club diversity and inclusion policy on our website.

To make it easier to show a bit of colour, we’ve picked up some rainbow socks that you can buy – with all proceeds going to The Proud Trust

If you would like to buy some rainbow socks, bring £5 along to one of the following events and seek out Sock Custodian Chris Deane:

  • Pizza Social ride on Thursday 7/7
  • Saturday paceline on 9/7
  • Sunday club ride on 10/7

Sock stocks are limited and first-come, first-served.  Feel free to wear your own rainbow-coloured item if you prefer.

If you can assist with marshalling/helping at either or both events please let Sam Smith know.

Bath Hill TT Sunday 20th March – Entry closes in 3 days!

Part of the West District Hardriders series –

Bath 10 mile TT Saturday 2nd April

Fast Frome course with separate entries and prizes!

TT Bikes:

Road Bikes:



Over the winter months, we start our Sunday Club runs at 9:00am.  But it’s March now, so reminder that rides start at 8:30!

You can find instructions and links to sign-up on each of the ride pages (links in the menu above) – but if you need them, here they are again:

Step 1: Fill out the sign-up form.

Step 2: Check the group sheet to see who you are riding with, grab your route files

Step 3: Turn up and have a nice ride!

Fill out the SIGN-UP FORM

It’s always the same link to the sign-up form, so you can add to your bookmarks if you choose. You can sign-up from THURSDAY onwards each week.

You may have to WAIT 5 MINUTES before your name appears on the group sheets. You cannot edit these forms, you must fill out the form to add yourself and let someone know if you can’t make it (or made a mistake). The Saturday groups sheet shows both the Paceline and Saturday Social rides. We also have an extra ‘Events’ group, for special occasions.

Check the SATURDAY groups/routes

Check the SUNDAY groups/routes

Check the EVENTS groups/routes

2022 Bath Event Dates for your diaries and training plans:

  • 20th March ‘Spring Hilly’ U32R, also confirmed as part of the WTTA Hardriders Series
  • 2nd April Bath 10mile TT on the U375
  • 15th May Bath 25mile TT on the U370
  • 9th October Bath Hill Climb

For 2022 both the 10 and 25 mile TTs will have separate entry and prizes for road bikes.

All the rides are now available to see and sign up on Cycling Time Trials!

As well as the usual call for helpers and marshals that make these events possible, it’d be great to see lots of riders in Bath colours.

As the evenings start drawing in and the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, it’s time to think about some indoor pain. The new season of the Zwift Racing League starts 25 September for 8 weeks. Read all about the ZRL. ZRL runs on a Tuesday night. We also have the option of resurrecting our TTT squads for Thursday evenings.

Register your interest now!

You can read all about our Virtual Racing here.

As we get to the end of the first round of the Zwift Racing League and both look forward to Christmas and reflect on the year. David Stoyle thought that it would be a good idea to organise a short Local Interclub Zwift Racing series to celebrate Christmas and raise a little bit of money for charity. Here’s what David and Felix have in store.

The ZWRL has been good fun, but I think lacked a bit of the racing against one another that we enjoyed so much in Lockdown 1.0. So, this series will revert back to the original format of Felix or I selecting an event and then all of us turning up to race. I will then publish the results.
To make things a little more interesting, the races will be run as a stage race over 4 races.

Dates – Save these dates in your packed Diary:

Monday 21st – 6:15 to 7:00pm
Wednesday 23rd – 6:15 to 7:00pm
Monday 28th – 6:15 to 7:00pm
Wednesday 30th – 6:15 to 7:00pm

The dates have been selected to largely fall outside the period when households can meet, so we should all be around.
Races (To be confirmed).  We are trying to get private events on Zwift – but if we can’t organise our own races, then we will piggyback on other peoples. I will announce the events as soon as I can. As its Christmas we will try and go for events from 25-40 mins long. I will try and include a Crit Race, Rolling Circuit, Hilly Race and a Race on the Tic Toc course where it all began back in March.


Keep the Zwiftpower tag as you were using for ZRL. If you did not race in the ZRL then put your club name in brackets after your name on Zwift power and maybe drop me a message to say that your club is racing. I think that we have all got a lot out of the Zwift racing during this difficult year, it would be nice to put something back, so I have set up just giving page for the Trussell Trust. The Trussell trust has food banks throughout the country and over 20 in BC South region, so everyone can support a local charity. We have over 200 racers so at £5 each that will be over £1,000, please help me out.

Even if you cant race this Christmas please show your appreciation for all the hard work by Felix Young
and myself over the last few months and throw some money in the pot!!!

Scoring (GC)

GC will be determined by the quickest time over the 4 events.
Bonus seconds for top 10 places. We all have Zwift dropouts from time to time therefore if you finish an event the maximum time you can loose will be 3minutes on GC for that race. If you can’t ride/ don’t start then you will loose 5 minutes so at least you will have a position in GC for the next race.


73 Degrees Cycling and PDQ Coaching have agreed to give some fun prizes away

  • 1st in each category for men and women
  • 13th in each category for men and women (Zwift Categories are pretty arbitrary – the winners are only the riders closest to the category boundary – so why not 13th
  • Lantern Rouge – Last rider on GC.
  • Best individual photo posted on facebook
  • Best club photo posted on facebook.
  • Best performance by a novice rider



Email with full details and sign-up links has gone out to the all members list.  If you haven’t received it, drop an email to David Oliver.

As we move out of lockdown 2 and into tiers we can restart rides in groups of 6. Please check the forecast (dry and cold at the moment), sign up by 18:00hrs on Friday.  Note also that we are now on the winter start time for Sunday rides, 9:00am.

We will follow the same procedure that we used before and which most of you are familiar with.  The only new issue is that North Somerset, Bristol and South Gloucs are all in tier 3 while we are in tier 2.  While we can ride through tier 3 areas we can’t stop so I have adjusted the routes to avoid tier 3 areas as much as possible. If you don’t know where the boundaries are I have attached 3 planning maps that show where they are. Under the rules, if you live in a tier 3 area you can’t ride.

In addition to the weekend rides the ladies have some of their own.  They are out in force this Friday 4th and again on Friday 11th – I gather that socially distanced mince pies come into the plan somewhere – I just hope the distancing applies to the people and not the fruit filling! Then back to the normal 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month in January.  If you want to find out more please contact our bright and shiny new Ladies Captain, Julia Adamson.

Thanks to David Rutty and his team at SOS Design for putting our new site together.  We’ve been working for a while to help make the website more accessible to new and existing members, to be more modern in design while reflecting our club heritage.  We hope you like the results.  If you spot any teething trouble, drop a mail to

Regretfully, we are back in restrictions.  David Oliver, club captain wrote to members at the start of November:

There will be no official BCC rides organised after midnight on Thursday 5 November as the current proposals for lockdown 2 only allow you to ride with people from your own household or with one person from another household.   If you want to go out on your own you will find a large number of routes in the Club ridewithgps account:  If you want coffee en route it would be a good idea to check with your chosen cafe to see if they are doing takeaway or not.

If you fancy a bit of indoor action on Zwift the best person to talk to is David Stoyle.  There is a large BCC contingent of all abilities doing Zwift rides (mostly racing but I think there are some social rides as well) and David would be happy to explain how it all works.

As soon as the restrictions are eased to allow us to organise group rides again we will let you know.

In the meantime….stay fit and stay well.