Saturday Easy Ride

Something a little more relaxed on a Saturday morning than the Pacelines?  We’ve got you covered.

We’ve changed our sign-up process!

Thanks to contributions of tech savvy club members, we have a system that allows us to post rides, record sign-ups (now also with the option to remove your signup).  We request members use the sign-up process, as it helps everyone know what to expect.  The latest version of our sign-up system is easier to use than ever!

Sign up!

Everything you need to know about the new ride sign-up app is described in this user guide.

Most of us use Whatsapp group chats to help keep in touch – very handy if your bike falls apart in the morning… You should get the details when you join, let us know if you need an invite. We have ways to help members that don’t have smartphones.

25 mile Saturday Social

For those who are looking for a relatively short and gentle ride, the 25 mile social follows one of two routes each week.  The ride starts and finishes at the Dental Implant Surgery on the corner of Newbridge Rd(A4) and Chelsea Rd with the option of a coffee and cake at Chelsea Road.  The average speed will tend to be around 18-20km/hr, adjusting to those who attend.  If you are just getting into cycling with a group, the Saturday morning 25 can be a great entry point.

We most regularly ride the Chew Magna and Pucklechurch rides below. We also do rides to Corsham, Westerleigh and down Golden Valley Lane. Most of them go along the bike path and come back in a loop. Do feel free to load the GPS routes onto your garmin/wahoo/phone navigation app if you have one, using the links below:

Main 25 Mile Routes
Additional 25 Mile Routes

Ride destination is normally agreed with the group at the rally point.

Meeting point for most Saturday Morning Rides

40 mile Saturday Social

Looking for a little more distance, variety and a mid-ride coffee stop?  The 40 mile social might be right for you.  Distance and route vary week to week, but you can expect to cover 60-70km at an average speed of 19-22 km/hr. The ride normally starts and finishes at the Dental Implant Surgery on the corner of Newbridge Rd(A4) and Chelsea Rd, very occasionally on the other side of Bath at the Car Park in Batheaston – but it’ll be announced in advance if we use this as the meeting spot.
but the coffee stop will change with the route.

To find out more click here for Aileen Brown, Brian Turner, Julia Adamson, Jon Whitehead, Susan Whitehead or Amanda Whipp.