Sunday Club Run

We’ve changed our sign-up process!

As a result of the COVID restrictions, we’ve had to take more control of our sign-up process. Thanks to contributions to a number of tech savvy club members, we’ve developed a system that allows us to record sign-ups, with fairly minimal overheads.

Step 1: Fill out the sign-up form.

Step 2: Check the group sheet to see who you are riding with, grab your route files

Step 3: Turn up and have a nice ride!

Fill out the SIGN-UP FORM

It’s always the same link to the sign-up form, so you can add https://bit.ly/bcc-rides-form to your bookmarks if you choose. You can sign-up from TUESDAY onwards each week.

You may have to WAIT 5 MINUTES before your name appears on the group sheets. You cannot edit these forms, you must fill out the form to add yourself and let someone know if you can’t make it (or made a mistake). The Saturday groups sheet shows both the Paceline and Saturday Social rides. We also have an extra ‘Events’ group, for special occasions.

Check the SATURDAY groups/routes

Check the SUNDAY groups/routes

Check the EVENTS groups/routes

Most of us use Whatsapp group chats to help keep in touch – very handy if your bike falls apart in the morning or you accidentally sign-up for the wrong ride… You should get the details when you join, let us know if you need an invite. We have ways to help members that don’t have smartphones.

The focus is on social riding with groups of similar pace and ability

There are normally 5 groups that ride on a Sunday catering for a wide variety of riders. Each group ranges from 5-15 riders and rides 80-110km.

We have recently introduced a monthly rotation:

First Sunday of the month – All groups go to the same destination.
Second Sunday – Group rides + an Away Day (drive to the start to ride fresh roads)
Third Sunday – Group rides + Off road ride (an option for the gravel crew)
Fourth Sunday – Group rides + A-Z ride (A longer ride to a destination that starts with the next letter on the list. Andover, Burford, Cheltenham…)
Fifth Sunday – Group rides

Group membership is very flexible and people move around groups from week to week.  Start times vary from 09:00 in winter to 08:30 in the lighter months and aim to be back by about 13:00. The aim is to have an enjoyable ride together so groups will wait at the tops of hills and at junctions to make sure everyone is together. No one gets left behind unless they want to be. Downloadable gpx routes are published alongside each ride which is published in the sign-up form.

We have also moved our starting point!

Sunday rides now start from Brunel Square, the open plaza by Bath Spa station.

The five groups are:

Double Espresso

The fastest group that will average over 29km/hr. It is suitable for stronger riders who want to ride hard for the majority of the ride, we ride hard along the flat, not just up the hills. These are good training rides and can be up to 130kms in the summer, sometimes we might take a longer route to the coffee stop. For more details click here to email David Stoyle or Peter Brookes


We have a wide range of riders in this group: club and LVRC racers, strong triathletes and regular club riders. The youngest riders are in the teens and the oldest in their seventies! Depending on the route and weather conditions the group will average 25-28km/hr. For more information click here to email David Oliver or Andy Hicks


People who ride in this group are experienced riders who don’t want to push quite as hard as the Espressos. They will typically average 23-26 km/hr. For more information click here to email Andy Greenham, Paul Dale or Rob Macmillan

Double Shot Latte

This group is for people who are getting stronger and want to push themselves a little bit harder. They are likely to have ridden previously with the 40 milers on Saturday or the Cappuccinos on Sunday. They will normally take a slightly shorter route than groups 1-3, between 80-100km and will average 21-25km/hr. If you want more information or to join the WhatsApp group or email Hilary Oliver here


This group is perfect for people who have enjoyed the 40 miler on Saturday and want to push on a bit. They will do the slightly shorter route and will average 19-23 km/hr. For more information click here to email Brian Turner, Chris Cole or Chris Holbrook

On the second Sunday of the summer months there is a longer ride of up to 150km. It is open to all riders who we organise into groups of similar speeds. The ride does not go to the same coffee stop as the other Sunday rides and will have as many stops as the group wants. The route is published in the calendar on the website. For more information click here to email David Oliver