Saturday Pace lines

We’ve changed our sign-up process! Again!

Thanks to contributions of tech savvy club members, we have a system that allows us to post rides, record sign-ups (now also with the option to remove your signup).  We request members use the sign-up process, as it helps everyone know what to expect.  The latest version of our sign-up system is easier to use than ever!

Sign up!

Everything you need to know about the new ride sign-up app is described in this user guide.

Most of us use Whatsapp group chats to help keep in touch – very handy if your bike falls apart in the morning… You should get the details when you join, let us know if you need an invite. We have ways to help members that don’t have smartphones.

If you are interested in short and focussed training rides, our Saturday Pacelines may be for you.

A paceline is a group of up to 10 riders who rotate around like a chain in two lines to take turns on the front. The idea is to ride smoothly but quickly. If you have never done a paceline before you might find this short video helpful.

Starting Point, Start Times and Groups

All of our Saturday pacelines meet in the Car Park of the Dental Implant Surgery on the corner of Newbridge Rd(A4) and Chelsea Rd between 08:45 and 09:15.

The range of groups and speeds allows riders to switch between groups on the road as necessary. The faster groups start first so if a rider feels the pace is too much they can drop and join a slower group coming behind. Coffee is in a Chelsea Road Café after the ride.

The Foundation Paceline (the rockers)

This is a good starting point if you have never ridden in a chain gang. It starts at the Dental Implant Surgery at 08:45 or 09:15 depending on whether it is a long or short ride.

The short route is a 23km loop out to Keynsham, you can see the route here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29096752 The average pace will vary depending on conditions and who is out but you can expect it be somewhere between 25-28 km/hr. The group will stay together. The coffee at the end often takes longer than the ride itself!

On the first and third Saturdays of each month they do the longer 70km route starting from Cadence at 08:45. You can find the route here: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29096723

If you want to find out more click here to email Claire Phillips or here for Julia Adamson.

The Moderate Paceline (the mods)

This is the next step up. It is actually a number of different pacelines depending on who is out on the day. We aim to match speeds so that riders can enjoy the morning. Average speeds will vary depending on conditions but will be somewhere between 28 – 35 km/hr. It should appeal to any one who rides regularly whether they race or just want to get stronger. The more moderately paced groups will try and stay together while the faster ones will keep going and not wait if you are dropped. The groups start at the Dental Implant Surgery at 08:45. It is a 70km route that you can find here https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29096723 If you want to find out more or to join the Whatsapp group click here to email Jonathan Schofield or here for David Oliver.

The Fast Paceline

This is for experienced riders who are used to riding in a paceline. There will be between one and three groups depending on numbers, speeds will vary from 32-39km/hr depending on the group and the time of year.

There will be normally be a group leader and the group will work together (you maybe shouted at – but no offence is meant it’s just hard to have a polite conversation when on the rivet!). The aim will be to stay together for the first hour, but if you are having a bad day and do get dropped then you will be expected to find your own way home. These groups are an excellent stepping stone into the local racing scene. They start from the Dental Implant Surgery at 09:00 and do the 70km route that you can find here https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29096723. If you want more information click here to email David Stoyle.

After all the Pacelines we all meet at one of the cafés in Chelsea Road; it’s an excellent opportunity to chat about and analyse the ride and have all those conversations that you were unable to have when chewing your stem.