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Club Clothing

Club clothing is primarily ordered by members direct from Kalas via the Kalas eShop – open during specific time windows during the year.


The Kalas eShop is open at least 4 times a year, in February, May, August & November. It may be open at other times of the year depending on demand. When an ordering period is planned you will be sent an email to give you the link and password for the eShop and to advise you when the eShop will open and close and the potential kit delivery date, usually 8-10 weeks after the eShop closes. As the kit is bespoke to Bath CC it is important that you buy the correct size from Kalas. You can get advice on sizing pre your order from Hilary Oliver, the club keeps kit members can try on or you can try on someone else’s kit to see how it fits. However, if for some reason you buy the wrong size we will try and sell any new unwanted kit on your behalf.

Club kit accessories are kept in stock and can be purchased direct from the club.


The kit is delivered to the club centrally. You will receive an email to advise when the kit has been delivered to the club. You will be asked whether you want the kit delivered to a central point in Bath for you to collect, whether you will collect it from Hilary Oliver or whether arrangements can be made to deliver it to you on a club run (smaller items only!).   If you want to know the product specifications of the kit and the eShop isn’t open, you can look on the normal Kalas website using the product name (or number, though the numbers seem to change from time to time).

For further information on kit email Hilary Oliver




You can look at the Kalas website to understand the size and technical specifications of the gear – but we’ve added some pictures of the kit with club colours below to help give a better idea what it will look like when it does arrive.


1: Short Sleeve Jersey – Elite 51 Spinn

Classic shirt used by most riders. 3 pockets on the back.

[Kalas Website]


2: Short Sleeve Jersey – Pro 61 Razor

Racing jersey. 3 pockets on the back

[Kalas Website]

3: Long Sleeve Jersey – Elite 40 Andorra

Classic long sleeve mid season jersey. 3 pockets on the back. Replaces the Flanders Jersey.

[Kalas Website]

4: Long Sleeve Jersey – Pro 33 Temps

Slightly racier fit than the Andorra

[Kalas Website]

5: Long Sleeve Jersey – Pro 56 W&W Rainmem X3

Use either as an outer layer if dry Spring & Autumn or underneath a rain jacket in Winter. Fleecy feel inside, long back with 3 pockets.

[Kalas Website]


6: Gilet – Elite 19 Microfiber

Summer – mesh back, rolls up small, no pockets. [Kalas Website]

7: Gilet – Pro 01 Stratos

Summer racing – mesh back and no pockets. [Kalas Website]

8: Gilet Elite 03 W&W Mission Light

Mid season – more substantial/warmer, still possible to get in back pocket, 3 pockets on the back. [Kalas Website]

NB gilets are generous sizes.  Size 3 women take a size 1 gilet


9: Jacket – Pro 01 Stratos

Lightweight Summer jacket no pockets.  [Kalas Website]

10: Jacket – Elite-Z 07 W&W Mission Flow

Detachable sleeves (becomes a gilet) and 3 pockets on the back. These are quite snug if you plan to wear anything underneath. [Kalas website]

11: Jacket – Pro 78 W&W Diamond

Insulated hood which goes under your helmet for cold Winter days and fleecy inside zipped waistcoat.  3 pockets on back. [Kalas Website]

12: Jacket Pro 09 W&W eVent

Water resistant.  If you want a full waterproof check the raindrop count versus a goretex jacket. [Kalas Website]

Shorts and Tights

There are lots of options for shorts and tights due the options of pads. The eShop has male and female versions of the pads. There are also 2 types of pads available – 1) Zoom X and 2) Endurance 3D. Pads are very personal so look at the descriptions in the eshop/on the Kalas website and chat to other men or women riders about the difference between the 2 pad types.

13: Shorts (no Bibs)

2 options for women only; Elite 85 Lycra Power (Endurance 3D pad) and Elite 71 Lycra Power (Zoom X pad) – designed for Summer they are quite short in the leg. Check as newer versions look longer.

14: Bib Shorts

4 options for men and 3 options for women; Elite 89 Lycra Power (Endurance 3D pad), Elite 49 (M) & 50 (F) Lycra Power (Zoom X pad), Pro 13 (M) & 02 (F) Goffrato (Endurance 3D pad) and Pro 12 (men only) (Zoom X pad) – designed for Summer – generally longer in the leg than non bib shorts

15: 3/4 Tights (No Bibs)

Women only; Elite 78 Lycra Power (Endurance 3D pad) – Mid season

16: 3/4 Bib Tights

2 options for women and 1 for men; Elite 07 (M) & 52 (F) Lycra Power (Endurance 3D pad) & Elite 51 (F) Lycra Power (Zoom X) – Mid season

17: Long Tights (No Bibs)

3 options for women only; Elite 80 Roubaix (Endurance 3D pad), Elite 79 Roubaix (Zoom X pad) and Elite 45 Roubaix (No pad if you want to wear your normal club shorts underneath) – Winter

18: Long Bib Tights

4 options; Pro 70 (M) & 83 (F) Rainmen X3 (Endurance 3D pad), Elite 25 (M) & 88 (F) Roubaix  (Endurance 3D pad), Elite 48 (M) & 53 (F) Roubaix  (Zoom X pad) and Elite 90 Roubaix (No pad if you want to wear your normal club shorts underneath) – Winter

Kit which can be purchased from Club Stock


Kalas – all sizes
  • Buff £10.15
  • Summer Mitts £17.67
  • Mid season rainmem gloves £33.06
  • Arm Warmers £19.95
  • Knee Warmers £26.28
  • Rainmem overshoes £25.00
  • Sonic overshoes £44.46
  • Summer Socks £5.00 all sizes
  • Summer Mitts – £20.00 only M, L and XL
  • Racing Mitts – £20.00 only XL and XXL
  • Winter gloves – £42.00 only M and L
  • Arm Warmers £22.00 only XS, S and XL
Other Accessories
  • Caps £10.00 one size
  • Racing socks £20.00 size 37-49 & 40-42 only

Other Kit Stock

Ladies Kalas Kit (numbers refer to the Kalas list above)

  • (1) Short Sleeve Spinn 09 jersey all sizes £47.31 – size 6 only
  • (3) Long Sleeve Flanders midseason jersey all sizes – £64.41 sizes 1, 4 & 6 only

Mens Santini Kit (limited sizes available)

  • Long Sleeve Sleek Jersey £76.00 only M & L only
  • Long Sleeve Winter Sleek Jersey (wind stopper) £120.00 M only
  • Long Sleeve Classic Jersey £50.00 M only

If you want to buy kit from stock, email detailing what you want to buy and your size. If we have your size, you will be asked to transfer the money to the Bath CC bank account and to advise whether you want the kit delivered to a central place in Bath, whether you will collect it direct from Hilary Oliver or arrange for it to be delivered to you on a club run (smaller items only!).