Time trialling

To participate in time trialling it is surprisingly simple, as long as you are a member of a club affiliated to Cycling Time Trials (such as Bath Cycling Club) – you are eligible to race a time trial. Time trials are a race between you and the time it takes you to ride a course. Competitors start at one minute intervals, and each rider is timed over the course.

Competitors start at one minute intervals, and each rider is timed over the course.

The easiest events to ride are club time trials put on by clubs for the benefit of their own riders. Events cost just a few pounds to enter, and you can enter on the line. Almost any standard bike can be used (but not recumbents, or anything too wacky). Ride an event for a few weeks, and see if you can improve your time.

The more successful riders will go on ride in open events. These pull in the best riders from the area (and wider afield for the popular courses). The events cost more to enter (~£8), and there are prizes for the best riders. Then events must be entered in advance (about 2 weeks before the event), and on specific forms (available from the CTT web site). Often in the search for greater speed, bikes will become more specialised. Specific time trial bikes, which allow the rider to be in a more aerodynamic position, are used. A solid rear disk wheel, and deep section front wheel, allow still greater improvements in aerodynamics. Tight fitting skin suits are also used.

Bath CC Evening Time Trials

This year’s Bath CC Club 10 mile Time Trials take place on the Frome by pass (A361) on the U361R course. Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations.

The dates of the events are Wednesday May 21st, Wednesday July 16th and Wednesday August 6th. The race “HQ” is just off Clink Road and the race route involves just under two laps of the A361 between the Blatchbridge and Pylon roundabouts. First rider is off at 19:00 and usually everyone is finished by 20:00.


We warmly welcome members of CTT Affiliated Clubs to join us as ‘Guest Riders’.

Bath CC strongly recommends all riders wear a Protective Helmet whilst competing in the Bath CC Club 10 mile Time Trials.

All competitors under the age of 18 years or Juniors must wear a properly affixed protective helmet.

Protective helmets should conform to a recognised Standard such as SNELL B95, ANSI Z90.4, AUS/NZS 2063:96, DIN 33-954, CPSC or EN 1078. It is the responsibility of the rider (or parent or guardian if the rider is under 18 years of age or a Junior to:

  • Select a Helmet that offers protection against head injury and does not restrict the rider’s vision or hearing.
  • Ensure that the helmet is properly fitted, is undamaged and in good condition.

Bath CC strongly recommends riders fit and use a working rear light.

Rules of the road

The event is held on open roads. Riders must follow the rules of the road. The CTT rules state that competitors ‘must observe the law of the land’ and ‘in making any turn’ must ‘ensure that it is safe to do so’. Any riders who fail to obey the law of the land, for example crossing into the opposite carriageway, riding with their head down or riding dangerously, or otherwise contravening CTT Rules and Regulations may be disqualified.

Marshals have no authority to stop traffic, so do not rely on them to do so. Marshals may see a hazard you are not aware of, so please obey any warning the marshal may give and be prepared to stop.

Read any special safety instructions at the Signing-on Sheet at the HQ and any ‘notes for the evening’ posted at the start.

Any questions, contact Event Sec Nigel Vuagniaux timetrial@bathcc.net or 01225 482363 / 07841 437680

Enjoy your training and we hope to see you at our events.