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Bath CC Road Race Report

Bath Cycling Club hosted a very successful Men’s Regional A and A Women’s National B Road Race on Sunday 13th August.  The race HQ was at the Bishop Sutton Football club, close to the bottom of the Stowey climb, the course was 8 laps of a 10km circuit.  1500m of climbing awaited the 138 competitors.

Men’s Regional A Race

A rain shower before the start of the Bath Cycling Club Road Races did not dampen the enthusiasm and anticipation of the 65 riders racing up Stowey 8 times.  The race was neutralised until the start of the lap, giving the riders almost a whole lap to get ready for the first racing climb.  Andrew Mouton of Bath CC made the first attack and picked up the points for the 73 Degrees KOM competition, but his attack only succeeded in distancing a few riders from the back of the peloton.  On the second lap Gabriel Dellar of Stolen Goat Race team pushed the pace, but this turned out to be a softening up exercise for the decisive move at the end of lap 3.  This is where Gabriel and Leo White of Reflex racing attacked at the bottom of the climb and formed the race winning move.   They had a lead of 30 seconds by the KOM point where Gabriel picked up the 7 points.

The two riders pushed hard for the next lap and opened an 80 second advantage by the time they got to the halfway point at the end of lap 4.  The race then stabilised for the next 2 ½ laps with the breakaway maintaining a gap of between 60 and 80 seconds over an ever-decreasing peloton.  Halfway around the 6th lap Andre Mouton and Renzo Casale of University of Bath tried a different tactic and attacked on one of the kickers 2 kms from the base of the climb.  The strategy worked and the peloton eased up and by the time they got to the bell they had a gap of one minute over the peloton, but they were unable to close the gap to the leaders.  At the front of the race Gabe decided to push on and leave his breakaway companion, he picked up the final 7 points in the KOM to take the win in that competition.

The leaders of the race held station over the final lap, and no one seem to have the energy to make a decisive move, with Gabe winning by 43 seconds from Leo.  Renzo got the better of Andre on the final climb to take the last place on the podium.  Darren Rider went long at the finish and had a 9 second advantage over Jack Ramsbottom of Caffi Gruff, who won the bunch sprint from the first junior, George Mahon of Poole Wheelers CC.

Men’s Race Strava Fly-bys


1 Gabriel Dellar 02:01:20 StolenGoat Race Team
2 Leo White 02:02:03 Reflex Racing
3 Renzo Casale 02:02:38 University of Bath Cycling Club
4 Andre Mouton 02:02:42 Bath Cycling Club
5 Darren Rider 02:03:12 BC Private Member
6 Jack Ramsbottom 02:03:21 Caffi Gruff
7 George Mahon 02:03:21 Poole Wheelers CC
8 Charlie Mactear 02:03:21 WestSide Coaching 73 Degrees
9 Sam Llewelyn 02:03:21 Clwb Beicio Egni Eryri
10 Oliver Tandy 02:03:21 Solihull CC
11 Thomas Bowden 02:03:23 Reflex Racing
12 James Pittard 02:03:23 WestSide Coaching 73 Degrees
13 Sam Shepherd 02:03:26 trainSharp Elite
14 Luke Brennan 02:03:29 BCC Race Team
15 Adam Millington 02:03:30 Contiki Velo Bavarian RT
16 James  Pearcy 02:03:33 Mid Devon CC
17 Timothy Jones 02:03:33 BC Private Member
18 Alexander Speirs 02:03:33 TAAP Endura
19 Liam Flannery 02:03:33 Team PB Performance
20 Harvey Thomas 02:03:38 Steele Davis Via Roma
21 Jonathan  Masters 02:03:39 University of Bath CC
22 George Wise 02:03:39 Saddleback Racing
23 Andrew Davenport 02:03:39 Team Tor 2000 KALAS
24 Charlie Lacaille 02:03:42 Velo Schils – Interbike RT
25 Philip Hopley 02:03:42 Bradford on Avon
26 Adam Baker 02:03:45 Royal Air Force CA
27 Alistair Gardner 02:03:45 Velo Club Venta
28 Iain Duffield 02:03:46 PMRR
29 Alexander Carley 02:03:46 BC Private Member
30 David Roper 02:03:52 Kalas Motip Race Team
31 Samuel Tillett 02:04:09 Reflex Racing
32 Will Duffy 02:04:13 Bath Cycling Club
33 Mathys Venter 02:12:22 Maindy Flyers CC
34 Matthew Franklin 02:18:30 Bristol RC
35 Connor Backhouse 02:18:40 trainSharp Development team
36 Joseph Staddon 02:23:05 Army Cycling Union
37 Corey Snell 02:30:24 Army Cycling Union
38 Louis Clarkson 02:30:24 Loughborough Students CC
39 Charlie Davis 02:30:24 North Devon Velo
40 Matthew Taylor 02:30:24 Army Cycling Union
41 Jos Kertzman 02:33:31 Somer Valley CC
42 Thomas Adby 02:52:40 Velo Club Venta
43 Tony Overington 02:55:36 Bath Cycling Club


Women’s National B Race

 A very high-quality field of 57 riders entered the 2nd running of the Bath Cycling Club Women’s National B Road Race.   The Women’s Race included the South, South West and Welsh Regional Championships, the Road.cc Queen of the Mountain Competition and the PDQ Coaching Team competition, so there was always going to be races within races and everyone fighting for their finishing position.

The peloton kept together for the first lap, and it wasn’t until the first QOM prime that the race came to life with Lucy Lee of DAS – Handsling Bikes getting the better of Awen Roberts of Liv Cycling Halo Films and the unattached Katherine Sheridan from the USA to win the 7 points for the 1st QOM prime.  These three would never be far apart for the rest of the race.

The impact of this burst of speed was to split the peloton into at least 4 groups, but with so many competitions on the line the riders fought to get back on .  And by the start of the next climb the peloton had swollen back to its original size, only to split once again as they climbed Stowey.   Each time there were QOM points on offer, Lucy Lee got the better of her opponents winning all 4.  The pace at the front would split the peloton on the hill.  But hard work around the rest of the course meant that by the halfway point there were still 27 riders in with a chance of victory.

The hill started to take its toll and slowly groups got distanced, by the last lap there were 17 riders left for the final climb to the line.   This time Awen Roberts got the better of Lucy Lee with Katerine Sheridan in 3rd place and Bexy Dew in 4th.

The winners of all the competitions were:

South West Championship

1st Tamsin Miller – Hutchinson-Brother UK

2nd Hannah Baynes – Saint Piran WRT

3rd Claire Pile – 05/03

South Championship

1st Bexy Dew – Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee

2nd Maddie Haywood – FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing

3rd Niamh Murphy – Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films

Welsh Junior Championship

1st Awen Roberts – Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films

Welsh Senior Championship

1st Lucy Lee – DAS – Handsling Bikes

2nd Amy Gornall – Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee

3rd Laura Furness – Army Cycling Union

QOM Prize

1st Lucy Lee – DAS – Handsling Bikes

PDQ Coaching Team Prize

1st Hutchinson Brother UK – 07:30:40

2nd Laka Pedal Mafia RT – 07:44:47

3rd Army Cycling Union – 08:05:03

4th FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing – 08:07:08

The combined services team best three rides Laura Furness, Pippa Inderwick and Sarah Toms  would have had a time of  7:43:23 and that would have been a good enough time for 2nd place – congratulations.

Sylivia Green Fighting Prize

This could have gone to any number of riders but was awarded to Rebecca Hair of Laka Pedal Mafia RT who fought 3 times to get back to the Peloton after being dropped on the climb.

Women’s Race Strava Fly-bys

1 Awen Roberts 02:29:58 Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films
2 Lucy Lee 02:30:00 DAS – Handsling Bikes
3 Katherine Sheridan 02:30:00 Unattached
4 Bexy Dew 02:30:01 Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
5 Maddie Heywood 02:30:01 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
6 Tamsin Miller 02:30:04 Hutchinson-Brother UK
7 Sannah Zaman 02:30:04 Hutchinson-Brother UK
8 Caitlin Dimbleby 02:30:08 Le Col Race Team
9 Amy Gornall 02:30:09 Pro-Noctis – Heidi Kjeldsen – 200 Degrees Coffee
10 Alice Lethbridge 02:30:20 Loughborough Lightning
11 Olivia French 02:30:22 StolenGoat Race Team
12 Annamarie  Lipp 02:30:24 Saint Piran WRT
13 Savannah Morgan 02:30:27 BC Private Member
14 Penny Colloff 02:30:27 BC Private Member
15 Molly Patch 02:30:32 Hutchinson-Brother UK
16 Niamh Murphy 02:30:37 Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films
17 Marie-Louise Kertzman 02:30:47 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
18 Rebecca Hair 02:33:51 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT
19 Laura Furness 02:33:54 Army Cycling Union
20 Lois Brewer 02:34:06 Ystwyth Cycling Club
21 Isabella Johnson 02:34:12 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT
22 Pippa Inderwick 02:34:27 Army Cycling Union
23 Sarah Toms 02:35:02 Royal Air Force CA
24 Laura Pittard 02:36:41 Brother UK-Orientation marketing
25 Rebecca Babbage 02:36:44 LAKA Pedal Mafia RT
26 Iona Mitchell 02:36:53 Brixton Cycles Club
27 Hannah Bayes 02:36:59 Saint Piran WRT
28 Jennifer Cynan Jones 02:37:20 Cardiff Ajax CC
29 Katie-Anne Calton 02:55:54 JRC-INTERFLON Race Team
30 Angela Laycock 02:56:42 Army Cycling Union
31 Claire Pile 02:56:42 05/03
32 Vivienne Tomlin 03:06:20 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing
33 Lisa Martin 03:19:42 05/03
34 Georgina Pasmore 03:44:20 FTP-Fulfil The Potential-Racing

Thank you to our photographers for creating such an amazing record of the event.  Their albums can be found at

Dave Dodge  www.pelotonpix.uk

Jonathon Lampard www.johnsphotography.co.uk

Ian Wrightson https://www.ianwrightsonphotography.co.uk/bath-rr-women-13-08-2023

Matt de B https://photos.mattdeb.photography/bath-cc-road-race-2023/

Thanks to the volunteers from Bath Cycling Club, British Cycling and Welsh Cycling for putting this event on, without whom this event would not have taken place.

David Stoyle

Bath Cycling Club


in action at the 2023 Bath CC Road Race.

in action at the 2023 Bath CC Road Race.

in action at the 2023 Bath CC Road Race.

in action at the 2023 Bath CC Road Race.

in action at the 2023 Bath CC Road Race.


in action at the 2023 Bath CC Road Race.

Awen Roberts of Liv Cycling Club – Halo Films takes the win in the Women’s Race at the 2023 Bath CC Road Race.

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