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British Cycling South Christmas Charity LIZR Series Race Book


As we get to the end of the first round of the Zwift Racing League we can look forward to Christmas and reflect on the year. I thought that it would be a good idea to organise a short Local Interclub Zwift Racing series to celebrate Christmas and raise a little bit of money for charity.


To make things a little more interesting, the series will be run as a stage race over 4 stages.

Stage 1 – Monday 21st – 6:45                       The Crit – Downtown Dolphin – 10 laps – 20kms

Stage 2 – Wednesday 23rd – 6:45               Individual Time Trial – Greater London Flat -17.3kms

Stage 3 – Monday 28th – 6:45                     The Hilly One – NYC Rising Empire -20.7kms

Stage 4 – Wednesday 30th – 6:45               Back to Where it all Began – Tick Tock – 2 Laps – 36kms

There will be results for Individual GC by Category, Team GC by Category and Overall Club.

Thanks to British Cycling and Zwift we have our own events.  This will be a truly local event and a chance to race against club mates and local rivals.


Enter via Zwift.  These are private events for the BC South Christmas Charity and can only be entered using these links

Stage 1  https://www.zwift.com/events/view/1372077?eventSecret=9f3f57b9dce835f5bc89

Stage 2   https://www.zwift.com/events/view/1372087?eventSecret=9f3f57b9dce835f5bc89

Stage 3   https://www.zwift.com/events/view/1372091?eventSecret=9f3f57b9dce835f5bc89

Stage 4   https://www.zwift.com/events/view/1372102?eventSecret=9f3f57b9dce835f5bc89


There are 3 races for men  A, B and C.

Please enter the correct category.  Any D racers will have to race with the Cs


There are 2 races for women D and E.

Category A and B please enter pen D (3.2w/kg+)

Category C and D please enter pen E (less than 3.2 w/kg)



I think that we have all got a lot out of the Zwift racing during this difficult year, it would be nice to put something back, so I have set up a just giving page for the Trussell Trust. The Trussell trust has foodbanks throughout the country and over 20 in BC South region, so everyone can support a local charity. We have over 200 racers so at £5 each that will be over £1,000, please help me out.

Even if you cannot race this Christmas please show your appreciation for all the hard work by Felix Young and myself over the last few months and throw some money in the pot!!!



Wayne Taylor of Bespoke Rocker Plates has kindly donated a R1 Black Edition Rocker plate that will be raffled to the first 120 who donate to the Trussell Trust.

The winning number will be generated from the quickest time on GC including bonus seconds, by using the following formula

Winning Number = (Number of Seconds x 2) + 1 if odd number of minutes or 2 if even number of minutes.  This will generate a number between 1 and 120.

As an example if the fastest time is 2hrs 02mins 23seconds then the winning number will be =

2 x 23 (No of seconds) + 2(even number of minutes) = 48!!!

The list of those entered in the draw will be published prior to the last race.



Stage 1 – Monday 21st – 6:45pm GMT – The Crit Downtown Dolphin

A 20km dash around the streets of Downtown Dolphin.  On paper the course is easy, and the route is flat.  But its not the course that makes a race hard, but how it is ridden. And with the jersey being presented to the winner it will be raced hard.   There will be attacks on each lap on the cobble section just before the 4% climb. Any gaps on the climb will be exaggerated as the race heads over the rollers on the way to a 180 degree turn to the finishing straight.

Use of the power ups (PUs) is key, as there is one each lap.  You need the aero power up for the final sprint, if you get one on lap 5 what do you do?  Hold on to it until the end and not have any PUs for the next 5 laps or take a chance that you will get another?

Lap Length: 1.9 km Elevation: 8 m Lead-In: 0.1 km

10 Laps – Total Distance 20kms

Map: Crit City

Approximate Times

A Cat – 28 Minutes

B Cat – 32 Minutes

C Cat –  38 Minutes



Stage 2 – Wednesday 23rd – 6:45pm GMT – Individual TT – Greater London Flat

17.3km Individual Time Trial around the streets of London

Drafting is switched off so it is The Race of Truth.

The flattest route on the London course.  A mainly flat course that takes in the Mall, Buckingham Palace and the Embankment before looping back around the southern Edge of Hyde Park.  Save something for the drag out of the underpass before the downhill finish on the Mall.

No bonus seconds on the iTT

1 Lap – 5.7km Lead-in – 11.6kms Elevation 45m

Approximate Times

A Cat – 22 Minutes

B Cat – 25 Minutes

C Cat –  30 Minutes



Stage 3 – Monday 28th  – 6:45pm GMT – The Hilly NYC – Rising Empire

20kms around New York Grand Central park taking the New York KOM in both directions.

New York’s “Rising Empire” route is a climber’s delight, packing forward and reverse KOM efforts into a short span (they are only separated by less than 3km). Overall you will climb 362m on this route, just shy of the Empire State Building’s height of 373m

The forward KOM (1.36km, 88m and 6.4%), James Ashcroft 2:52 and New York KOM reverse (2.04km, 112m and 5.5%). Joe Rees 3:52, should be sufficient to create time gaps in the GC.

Length: 20.7 km Elevation: 362 m Lead-In: 0.4 km (0.2 miles)  Map: New York

Approximate Times

A Cat – 31 Minutes

B Cat – 34 Minutes

C Cat –  40 Minutes


Stage 4 – Wednesday 30th  – 6:45pm GMT – Back to Where it all began – Tic Tock – 2 Laps

Back to where it all began in March 2020.  The LIZR racing started on Wednesday nights in March, the first race had just 15 participants from Bath CC, PDQ, SAS, BoA and Bristol RC

Two laps of the desert of Fuego Flats and portions of the Ocean Boulevard.  – 36kms in length.

Double bonus seconds on the last stage.

Each Lap Length: 16.8 km  Elevation: 44 m Lead-In: 2.4 km

Map: Watopia

Approximate Times

A Cat – 45 Minutes

B Cat – 48 Minutes

C Cat – 53 Minutes



Individual GC

GC will be determined by the quickest time over the 4 stages.

Bonus seconds for top 10 places.

Stage 1 – 20 Seconds, 15, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Stage 2 – No Bonus Seconds

Stage 3 – 20 Seconds, 15, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Stage 4 – 40 Seconds, 30, 20, 16, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

We all have Zwift dropouts from time to time therefore if you finish an event the maximum time you can lose will be 3 minutes on GC for each stage. (Time to be confirmed)

Team Classification GC

Not all riders will be able to race all 4 stages, so to keep the interest of the riders and the club there will be a team classification.

Each Category – Men’s and Women’s A,B and C will have its own team classification.

For each stage the best 3 riders will contribute to the team GC.  It does not need to be the same 3 riders in each stage.

Overall GC will be calculated on the sum of the team classifications on each stage

Club Classification GC

The club classification will be open to any club represented in 3 or more categories.  The club classification will be based on the best 3 team classifications for that club.


Results will be published on the www.bathcc.net website and the BC South Zwift Racing Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/groups/337336627254813


73 Degrees Cycling and PDQ Coaching have agreed to give some fun prizes away

The following “fun” prizes will be awarded.

  • 1st in each category for men and women.
  • 13th in each category for men and women (Zwift Categories are pretty arbitrary – the winners are only the riders closest to the category boundary – so why not 13th?)
  • Lantern Rouge – Last rider on GC.
  • Best individual photo posted on Facebook
  • Best club photo posted on Facebook.

Winners will have until 31st December to send me their address and they will be posted out to them.

Thanks to RoadCC, 73 degrees and PDQ for donating some fun prizes.



 “Rules” – Zwift, Zwiftpower, Power Meters, Weight, Kit and Category

A few “rules” that make it easier for you, your team mates and opponents.

  1. You will need a Zwiftpower account linked to your Zwift account.
  2. Please ensure that your name in your Zwift account is in the form

David Stoyle (Bath CC)

This way riders will know your club and against whom they are competing

  1. Please ensure that your Zwiftpower Name only includes alphanumeric characters. Emojis and special characters mess up my results tables and I may miss you!! Or not assign you to the correct club.
  2. Please ensure that you have your club or team name in Brackets on your Zwift Power name

i.e. David Stoyle (Bath CC Camden) or David Stoyle (Bath CC)

  1. Choose a club kit and ask all the riders in the club to race in that kit. This makes it easier for your teammates to identify you.
  2. Power Meters/Weight

This is a fun series so we will take a light touch to disqualification but

Please ensure that your power meter/turbo is correctly calibrated.

Please check that your weight is correct

Please make sure that you enter the correct category.

A = 4.0w/kg+

B = 3.2 w/kg to 4.0w/kg

C = 2.5w/kg to 3.2w/kg

Lets show that we can be responsible for some top quality racing

Thanks to www.zwiftinsider.com  and www.zwifthacks.com  for the maps and data

Any questions please address to

David Stoyle



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