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COVID-19. A Message from David Oliver, Club Captain

The situation in respect of Covid-19 is changing rapidly. The government has encouraged us all to distance ourselves socially to the greatest extent possible. All organisations are considering what it means for them and how they should react. British Cycling has cancelled all of its officially sanctioned events up to the end of April. The TT this Sunday has been cancelled so if you have made a cake already, either enjoy it or give to someone who is self isolating!

We all need to do our bit so we have decided that Bath CC sanctioned rides are not appropriate at a time of social distancing so we are cancelling all official Bath CC rides until further notice.

Exercise to keep us fit and healthy is still very important so you should still try to get out on your bikes. However, in line with the guidance to maximise social distance and reduce the risks of transmitting the virus, it probably makes sense to do this on your own. This is for two reasons. Primarily it is to avoid riding in the slip stream of someone else’s exhalations. Secondly, although not specifically health related, we need to be seen to be acting responsibly to protect Bath CC’s name in our community. While we all want to support the cafes that we all enjoy the reality is that a lot of them may be closed so you will need to think about taking more snacks than usual.

We appreciate that not everyone uses social media or ride sharing platforms, but to keep us all amused for the next few weeks here are a few ideas:

  • Zwift. Chris Deane and David Stoyle have an inter club race set up on a Wednesday for all abilities. Contact them or me if you don’t have their contact details.
  • The Club Climb and Club Sprint challenges. Join Bath CC on Strava and we’ll have a reckoning for April to see who has done best on their own so get out there and have a go.
  • Check out the clubs ride with gps site for a library of rides around the area that will bring back all those happy memories of previous rides.
    Use Strava for your rides and “follow” as many other riders as you can to keep in touch.
    Facebook and WhatsApp groups are a great way of keeping in touch. Not just for cycling items but other stories and banter as we’ll need a few laughs over the next few weeks. With all racing cancelled we might have a few spare trophies, amusing ideas for what to do with them on Facebook please.
  • Send pictures of your rides/activities to Kim Brace to post on the Bath CC Instagram. Don’t forget that Chris Deane is running a photo competition this year so there is every reason to let your creative juices flow……
  • Let us know if Bath riders catch the virus or are self isolating so people can help physically (running errands) or morally (a steady stream of good jokes).
  • Sadly the ReliabilityTrial on 5 April is a casualty of social distancing. Fear not though, Jon Witty has some cunning plans to adapt it so watch out for updates on social media and email.
  • Put pictures of your clean and dirty bikes on Facebook and we’ll award a small prize for the best ones at the end of April. I already have some ideas on who will win……..

Stay healthy and do what cyclists do best, look out for each other.



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